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  • Birth

    description: I was born at salmania hospital in Manama Explanation: experiencing the world, meeting my mother, father and brother.
  • school

    description: first day going to school in Delmon, Manama explination: got to know friends from school, and also cryied from the experince of sitting around people who i dont know.
  • started playing basketball in a club

    started playing basketball in a club
    description: at muhharrq basketball club, explanation: experienced playing my first game against other clubs allowing me to learn more about basketball.
  • got MVP award and captain of my team in basketball

    description: at the junior team at grade 8 basketball school team explanation: getting more experience in basketball and helping my team and my teammates to.
  • brother travels for 1 year

    brother travels for 1 year
    description: he went to his university in the UK for a whole year explanation: i expirenced a hole 1 year in bahrain without my brother, and without seeing him at home.
  • breaking my hand

    description: worst feeling in my life explanation: experienced only having one hand for 3 months, had a bad life, thank god that the cast was removed as fast as possiible.
  • joined the national team of Bahrain at basketball

    description: i was good that the national team of bahrain told me to join explination: experinced playing with people better than me and getting knowledge about baketball with the team with its teammates
  • cruise ship

    cruise ship
    description: first time in a cruise ship explination: first time going around europe countrys and experiencing the people and the seas around it.