Alana McGarvey timeline

  • Alana Birthday

    Alana Birthday
    july 14th 2001 Alana was born. She had no older siblings, she was an only child
  • Colleen was born

    Colleen was born
    october 11th 2003 my sister colleen was born. there is 2 years apart.
  • Holly was born

    Holly was born
    My little sister holly was born june 4th 2005. 4 years difference.
  • kindergarden

    september 9th 2006 was my first day of kindergarden. i remember i was scared. i was 5 years old.
  • stitches

    in 2007 i got stitches. i sliped on a hard wood floor.
  • phone

    in 2008 i was 7 and got my first cell phone
  • My sister Lauren was born

    My sister Lauren was born
    aug. 2nd 2010 my sister lauren was born. there is 9 years apart
  • I met Nicole

    I met Nicole
    september 23rd 2011 i met Nicole Caruso. She is like a sister to me. she was the first person that i met out of all my friends.
  • hershy park

    hershy park
    july 28th 2012 i went to heshy park for the first time. the ride was long and boring but it was fun when we got there
  • Middle School

    Middle School
    september 4th 2012 i started middle school. i was in 6th grade at E-T-Richardson Middle School
  • doney park

    doney park
    aug. 11th i went to doney park for the first time. my family and i stayed in a hotel over night.
  • i started 7th grade

    i started 7th grade
    i started 7th grade.