AIDing Health Care

Timeline created by Hager369
  • Medicare and Medicade are signed into law.

    (ignore the day and month)
  • Abortion became a big problem in a U.S

    there is about 42 million abortions per year world wide, 115,000 per day world wide.
  • Alzheimer;s became a major disease

    Alzheimers affected many people the affects if is is memory loss and loss of mobility
  • Taking love ones/ family members off life support

    Family member's where given to choice when to take there family member/ love one of life support they were given the option of doing this. And when to do it.
  • World Health Organization declares smallpox eradicated.

    The last known naturally caused smallpox case was in 1977 in Somalia. The disease was official eradicated worldwide in 1979.
  • AIDS is detected in California and New York

  • AIDS is reported among non-drug using women and children

  • AZT

  • Clinton health care plan of 1993

    (Ignore the day and month).
    ~The plan was an enforced mandate for employers to provide health insurance coverage to all of their employees through competitive but closely regulated health maintenance organizations.
    ~The plan never even reached the senate.
  • AIDS death decline

  • More than 9000 Cass of Sars

    Sars originated in China
  • 28% of people needing treatment are reciveing it

  • Swine flu disccovered

    Swine Flu comes from pigs, its a respiratory disease.
  • Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is signed by President Obama

    This act requires all individuals to have health insurance starting in 2014. ~The poorest will be covered under a Medicaid expansion.
    ~Those with low and middle incomes will be able to purchase coverage with federal subsidies through new "American Health Benefit Exchanges.
    ~Health plans can not deny coverage to people because of their health or any other reason. They also can't charge more because of a persons gender.
  • Rinderpest eradicated

    A deadly cattle virus is eradicated from the world