Aidan Weathers, Personal History

Timeline created by mrwilliams623
  • Past-Born August 23, 2004

    Past-Born August 23, 2004
    I was born on August 23, 2004
  • Past-I Moved

    Past-I Moved
    I moved from living in Galveston, as in living intown, to living in the west end. I don't know the exact date I moved but I know I moved when I was about 6 months old.
  • Past-I stuck a fork in an outlet

    Past-I stuck a fork in an outlet
    True story. After I did it, my uncle beat the sh-t out of me.
  • Past-I slipped at Oppe

    I slipped on some water at Oppe Elementary School and cracked open my skull.
  • Past-Went to a private school for 1st grade.

    I made the transition from public to private schooling.
  • Past-I watched an anime.

    I watched an anime on either netflix or hulu for the first time in my life. Thus began the addiction...
  • Past-I came to Austin Middle School

    I started going to Austin Middle School
  • Past-I cut my hair

    Summer haircut.
  • Past-Vice came out

    The movie, Vice, which was about the life of Dick Cheney.
  • Past-I got a haircut. Too much.

    The buzzcut.
  • Future-Buying new house

    We are buying a house in New Orleans. I asked to check if it would still be ok to put as future and you said it was.
  • Future-Celebrate Father's day

    My dad will be home on Sunday so we will be able to do something.
  • Future-Moving to New Orleans

    We are moving our stuff from our current house to the house in New Orleans which we are closing on this Sunday or Monday.
  • Future-We sell our house in Galveston

    We sell our house and completely leave Galveston
  • Future-I cut my hair

  • Future-Going to boarding school for freshman year

    Future-Going to boarding school for freshman year
    I'm going to a boarding school in Indiana for my freshman year of high school. Don't know when school starts
  • Future-I buy a FinalStraw 2.0

    Future-I buy a FinalStraw 2.0
  • Future-Learn to drive

  • Future-Avengers 5 comes out

  • Future-Graduate from high school, somewhere