Agriculture of bangladesh 11


By jjman
  • Period: Jan 1, 1500 to


  • Jan 31, 1500

    Hundred Schools of Thought

     Hundred Schools of Thought
    The hundred schools of thought era was in some ways an era of enlightenment. It was a time where many different currents of thought were adopted and spoken about openly. This was in some ways the very emergences of Agriculturalism.It was only in the 1500 when the french really started to look into and agree with this theory.d
  • May 21, 1500

    First sedentary Inhabitants in qubec

    The first sedentary inhabitants started to grow crops like corn and squash. This was the first sign of agricultural in Quebec.
  • The seigneurial system was introduced to New France

    The seigneurial system was introduced to New France
    The seigneurial system was very important part of French Canadien history mostly because of the fact that it helped the surrounding community so much. Not only did the seigneuries clear out land and make houses for future use but they also created a large amount of agriculture because they thought that if there was a strong agricultural system then you could rapidly grow a large settlement.
  • Antoine Labelle is born

    Antoine Labelle is born
    Antoine Labelle born November 24th 1833 -died at 58 years old January 4, 1891.Was a revolutionist in the fact that he was the person in charge of the colonization and settlement of the Laurentiens. He established a railway and road in the Laurentiens to even further establish the settlement. He knew that to establish a proper settlement you had to first establish a steady agricultural system in the area.
  • Maurice Duplessis

    Maurice Duplessis
    Duplessis a strong willed old fashioned man was voted in office in 1935 and remained in for 2 full terms. While he was in office he put many changes in place. For instance he gave people tax incentives and money for being farmers and moving out of the city to go to the fields. Duplessis also set up a Ministry of agriculture which helped even more in the promotion of agriculture.
  • Dairy industry starts to flourish

    Dairy industry starts to flourish
    Dairy industry really starts to come into play.Milk are soon delivered to each house by a horse drawn cart. Later on the many small companies joined to form a few very large corporations.
  • Duplessis

    This statue was made for Maurice Duplessis during his time in office.