Advanced Studies Timeline

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  • Period: to

    Timespan for Science Fair

  • I went to Science Buddies and found some projects to do.

  • I learned about acid rain.

    I learned about the components of it- nitric and sulfuric acid.
  • Today I did more research on my acid rain project.

    I may be able to talk with some people from Fairview High. I'm still deciding on which project I want to do. It's either going to be about acid rain, or global warming.
  • I talked with Michael Chen about science fair project ideas.

    I also learned about bioremediation.
  • I picked a Science Fair project.

    My project tries to prove whether or not aquatic plants can clean up acid rain in lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water.
  • I collected water samples from Viele Lake.

    The Ph of the lake water was a 7 or 8, so I must find a way to acidify it.
  • Today I looked at the final report I will have to write for science fair. I also collected samples of water from Viele Lake.

    Unfortunately, the nitrite test kit I used was expired, so I couldn't measure the concentration of it in the lake water. I did get to measure the Ph of the water, though. It is about 5.5, which means it is acidic, so that is good for my project.
  • Today I looked at some ways to acidify water. Also I went to PetSmart yesterday to try and get the plants I need.

    This is because the water that I am using for my project has a Ph of 7 or 8, so I need it to be a little lower. Petsmart had some, but not all of the plants on my list. One of the plants they had was called an Amazon Sword. I researched that plant a little bit also. I changed my timeline format too.
  • Today I looked at the MSDS rating of sodium nitrate, and ammonium nitrate.

    MDSD stands for Material Safety Data Sheet. I am not sure whether or not I can use these materials in my project, so I am going to ask Mr. Woltman if I can. Tomorrow, or sometime soon, I want to test the Ph of the Viele Lake water again.
  • I recieved the nitrite and nitrate tests for my project and started the rough draft of my research plan.

    The research plan encompasses everything about my project, from the variables to the bibliography.
  • I finished my personal progress form.

  • I set up my project. Also, I filled out some of the hazardous chemicals form and started my final research plan.

    I took pictures of the aquariums with plants in them also.
  • I tried coding on KhanAcademy. All the materials that I need for the project are shipped in.

    I was surprised to find that I really enjoyed coding, and it was very interesting.
  • I started my science fair project.

    I took baseline measurements for all of the aquariums, for nitrite and nitrate.
  • I had all the results for this project.

  • I was done with my project completely.

    This was the school science fair date.
  • I completed the Hour of Code.

    I coded on JavaScript for 3 hours.
  • I worked on my short story.

    I had a different one originally, but I changed it. I got the inspiration from a writing prompt. (What would you do if you were stranded on an island with nothing but a pen, empty bottle, and a paper?) Right now I have about 700 words, but it's not even close to being finished. The contest I will enter it in allows 2500 words.