• When I went to the hospital for phnomonia

    In the same year this happened California had the first day of legal same sex marriage
  • First accepted into the talent show In third grade

    A school shooting happened in Germany that killed 17 people.
  • First time getting straight A's on my report card.

    Suicide car bomb detonates at a volleyball tournament.
  • My dad gets married

    Earthquake occurs in Haiti killing 230,000 people
  • My mom gets married

    Oil tanker tuck explodes killing at lest 230 people
  • I got baptized at my church

    An earthquake hits New Zealand measuring 6.5
  • I got a really good friend that has last through 3 years of ME

    Queen Elizabeth the second has her 60th anniversary if being queen and is the second to do so
  • When I went to church camp for the first time

    60 people are killed in a stampede after a new years celebration.
  • I won my first sport trophy

    Boston marathon bombing
  • Get honor role in all Quarters

  • Get honor role in 8th grade

  • First time I got an A+ in math

    29 people were killed and 130 were injured by a group of knife wielding terrorists in china.
  • Get into AP cal

  • Get into AP cem

  • Start working for The Air Force

  • Go and work for NASA