Abraham Penner

  • Birth

    Abraham's birthday
  • Chacellor Of Germany

    Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany
  • Bar Mitzvah

    Abraham and Jacobs B'nai Mitzvah. After service, the Rabbi is shot by Nazis.
  • Hindenburg Dies

    President Hindenburg dies and Hitler becomes Fuhrer
  • Jewish Shops Closed

    Nazis close many Jewish shops. Abraham's fathers shop is closed but not his mother's.
  • Period: to


    Nazis break into synagogues and burn them. This also happens to many Jewish homes.
  • Period: to


    Abraham goes into hiding with his family and his Rabbi's family.
  • Yellow Star

    German Jews are forced to wear a yellow star that says "Jude" to identify them.
  • Arrest

    The Penner and Goldberg families are caught and arrested
  • Death

    Abraham was shot by a Nazi guard.