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  • lucky day

    lucky day
    Nicole was girl very shy but smart, she hadn't friends, in the school she was very lonely...She had studied for mathematics exam before she known about competition. this day she had presented the exam and later she gone for her house; the next day her teacher call her, and she said: say a number from 1 to 10. Nicole said three and the teacher hugged her very happy because she had won for 5 days a travel to cartagena so she gone to this travel and she enjoyed very much.
  • Farewell

    For the students the last year is very important so in the school where was Nicole studied they created a trip for that students enjoyed your last year. obviously this travel was expensive... but Nicole wanted to go. she had saved money and she used this money for her travel. she didn't regret for do it, she enjoyed very much this travel because she shared a lot time with her friends and too she kwen many new places.
  • New look

    New look
    Nicole wanted a new look so she an her sister went to the beauty shop, they wanted a balayage but the hair stylist did other thing, Nicole wanted cry but she didn't it,when she arrived the house she started to thought... she had wasted all her money and later she cryed. definetly this was a big mistake.