Aboriginal timeline

  • Federation

    States that the Commonwealth would legislate for any race except Aboriginal people. This leaves the power over Aboriginal Affairs with the states.
  • First recoreded aboriginal language

    Tasmanian Aboriginal woman Fanny Cochrane Smith is recorded singing in her native tongue, the first and only recording of Tasmania’s Aboriginal language.
  • NSW Aboriginies Protection Act

    The NSW Aborigines Protection Act is introduced following crises in public schools.
  • Victorian aboriginals permitted protection

    The Victorian Aborigines Act permitted the Board for Protection of Aborigines to help ‘half-castes’ by licensing needy persons to live on stations.
  • South Australian aborigines act

    The South Australian Aborigines Act makes the Chief Protector the legal guardian of every Aboriginal and ‘half-caste’ child under 21 years old.
  • Beginning of WWI

    Beginning of WWI. Approximately 400 to 500 Aboriginal children continue to be removed from their families during the period 1914 to 1918, including children whose fathers are overseas at war.
  • Aboriginal Children can be removed without the use of court

    The NSW Aborigines Protection Board is given powers to remove Aboriginal children without a court hearing.
  • Aboriginal population

    Aboriginal population is estimated to be at its lowest at 60,000 - 70,000. It is widely believed to be a ‘dying race’.
  • Assimilation Polocy

    21-23 April: Aboriginal Welfare - Conference of Commonwealth and State Authorities called by the federal government, decides that the official policy for some Aboriginal people is assimilation policy.
  • Aboriginies protection board in South Australia

    As a result of the 1937 conference Queensland passes legislation allowing Aboriginal people to receive workers’ compensation.
  • Darwin Bombings

    Darwin is bombed by the Japanese. In Arnhem Land, Aboriginal people make up a special reconnaissance unit in defence of Australia. Northern Territory Aboriginal missions are evacuated
  • First Formal schooling for aboriginal children

    The first formal schooling for Aboriginal children in the Northern Territory is provided. Lack of facilities is rationalised by the claim that children “beyond the age of 10 couldn’t keep up with white children anyway”.