Aboriginal History

By eman908
  • Captain James Cook Claims possesion

    Captain James Cook claims possesion of the whole East Coast of Australia
  • Captain Phillip raises the Union Jack at Sydney Cove

    Captain Phillip raises the Union Jack at Sydney Cove.
  • The first aboriginal person to go to sea

  • The Richmond Hill Battle

    The first recorded battle between Aboriginal people against the British people.
  • Aboriginal Man Tom Rowley sets sails to Calcutta, Madras, and New Zeland

  • This is the beginning of the slaughter of Aboriginal people in Australia.

  • Passports or certificates are given to Aboriginal people if they conduct themselves in a suitable matter, to show that they are officially accepted by Euorpeans.

  • The policy of protection for aboriginal people marks the beginning of involvement of the Catholic Church and establishments of schools for Aboriginal people.

  • Establishment of the Native Police.

  • A protector of aborigines is appointed in NSW

  • The Aboriginal protection board is established in NSW

  • The Victorians Aborigines Protection Act

  • The Western Australia Aborigines act in passed

  • Aboriginal population is around 60,000 - 70,000

  • The Aborigines Protection board is policy is established in South Australia

  • Aboriginal heritage protection act is proclaimed in Western Australia.

  • The white policy act has ended

  • The racial discrimination act is passed in the federal parliament.

  • Australia Parliament apologies to the "Stolen Generation."