Aboriginal History

  • First Fleet

    The First Fleet Arrived
  • Small Pox

    there was small pox
  • The Richmond Hill Battle Was On

  • The Black Wars

  • There was the black wars in tasmania

  • Open Fire At Ridson Cove

  • Mission Stations were brought in

  • Native Insituation

  • Bathurst Massacre 7 Europeans were killed by aboriginals

  • Battle Of Pinjara Governor Stirling leads a party of men to attack a group of 80 Aboriginal people as punishment after conflict with the settlers caused the death of a European

  • Treaty John batman attempts to make a treaty with the aboriginals

  • Policy Protection A British Select Commitee examins the treatment of Australian Aboriginal people, they are given a policy of protection which includes the involvment of the Catholic Church in missionary work and the establishment of schools for Aborigina

  • Myall Creek Masacre 12 armed colonist came togeather and killed 28 aboriginals

  • Native Police indigenous troopers trained to track the groups of the aboriginal people that was formed by governor bourke

  • Board Of National Education The Board of National Education, established in NSW, states, 'It is impractical to provide any form of education for the children of blacks.'