Aboriginal Culture

By SUL0013
  • Captain James Cook claimed Australia.

    Claimed that he founds the whole East Coast.
  • Captain Phillip raised the Union Jack

  • Captain Authur Phillip catured 2 men named Bennelong and Colebee.

  • The first Aboriginal ever Bon-del sailed the seas.

  • Aboriginals started to get moved into mission stations because of the British.

  • Aboriginal farms were attacked and several people died.

  • Authur Phillip tried to get all Aboriginals that remained alive into eastern Australia.

  • There were about 50 remaining Aboriginals from Sydney & Botany Bay lived at a camp on Botany Heads.

  • Settlers on Dawson River & Queensland were attacked by Aboriginals.

  • The Aboriginal Protection board was established.

  • Torres Strait Islanders were subjected to the Queensland Aboriginal Protection Act.

  • An Aboriginal Medical Service formed in Redfern.

  • Racial Discrimination Act was passed onto the Federal Parliament.

  • NSW gave Aboriginal Land Rights back.

  • Aboriginals marched in the Australia Day Parade.