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Aboriginal Contact Histoy

  • Period: to

    Traces of knowledge of Australia's Existence

    Even before the erivall of the English, there were Traces of Knowlage of Australia's existance in the European world. For example, on the Dutch ship, Duyfken, sailors recorded sighting of 'the Australian mainland. The Dutch weren't inteestead in Australia because it seemed all arid and there wasn't anything of
  • Period: to

    Peaceful Aboriginies

    Aborigines were able to live peacefully in their own way of life in this time period. This lasted for about 100 years including the first few years of British coming to Australia.
  • Captin James Cook

    Captin James Cook
    Captin James cook landed in Boatony Bay and declared Australia "terra nullius" meaning " emty land". He claimed this new land for the Crown ( King George III )
  • First Fleet in Botany Bay

    First Fleet in Botany Bay
    The arrival of the First Fleet brought an end to Aboriginal peace and the beginning of land loss, disease and destruction of the traditional Aboriginal way of life. The concept of 'terra nulius' or 'empty land' confirmed by whites and labelled 'The Big Lie' by Aboriginies.
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia
    By the time of Federation, there was still little recognition for Aboriginals. In fact, the Aborigines were not counted as citizens in the census but as flora and fauna
  • Australian Second Dispossession

    Aboriginies were able to gain some land but this was later reduced by half with Aboriginies forcefully taken off the lands by police. The stripping away of these lands is recognised as the Second Dispossession, and resulted from settlements by invasion, white envy and Soldier Resettlement Schemesafter World War I. Many Aboriginal returning World war 1 veterans, and yet, incredibly,
  • Aboriginal resistance

    Aboriginal resistance
  • Referendum

    The Referendum finnaly allowed for Aborigines to be included in the Australian cencus as people rather than Flora and Fauna
  • Period: to

    The Mabo case

    Eddie Mabo and four other Meriam people of the Murray Islands in the Torres Strait took action in the High Court of Australia seeking confirmation of their traditional land rights. The case was heard for ten years through both the High Court and Queensland Supreme Court. During this time Eddie Mabo died.
  • The title Native act

    The title Native act
    The law Native title act was a law which reconized Aboriginal rights to claim vacant crown/government land