Abolition Of Slavery

By Em10956
  • New York Rebellion

    New York Rebellion
    New York City Slave Rebellion: armed slaves killed nine white people. Most of the rebels were killed after the soldiers arrived, 18 more African Americans are executed in repercussion afterwards.
  • Grimke Sisters Born

    Grimke Sisters Born
    The grimke sisters were born November 26, 1792. They were born into slavery due to the fact they were African American. They were raised by a slaveholder in South Carolina.
  • Elijah Lovejoy

    Elijah Lovejoy
    Elijah Parish Lovejoy, oldest son of a Presbyterian minister, was born in Albion, Maine, on November 8, 1802. He had six brothers and two sisters.
  • Great Britain Abolishes Slavery

    Great Britain Abolishes Slavery
    In 1807 Great Britain Abolished Slavery.
  • The Birth Of Harriet Tubman

    The Birth Of Harriet Tubman
    The birth date of Harriet Tubman is unknown, but the year was 1819. She was born into slavery. She was born in in Dorchester County, Maryland to enslaved parents.
  • Grimke Sisters On The Move.

    Grimke Sisters On The Move.
    In 1819 the sisters moved to Philly because of their strong opposition to slavery. They were abolitionists but also women rights activists.
  • Writing and Publishing of Grimke Letter

    Writing and Publishing of Grimke Letter
    In 1835, Angelina wrote a letter against slavery that William Lloyd Garrison published in his abolitionist newspaper, The Liberator. Both sisters went on a tour of Northern churches to campaign against slavery and in favor of women's rights
  • Taking A Stand: Elijah Lovejoy

    Taking A Stand: Elijah Lovejoy
    Elijah Lovejoy took a firm stand against the murder of Francis McIntosh, a free African-American man who was burned to death after killing two prison guards in order to flee from jail. He was in jail for refusing to assist cops arrest two drunken sailors. Elijah started to speak out even more than he did before about slavery and gathered many more people to become abolitionists.
  • Settling Down for the Grimke Sisters

    Settling Down for the Grimke Sisters
    In 1838, Angelina married the abolitionist Theodore Weld, and they moved with Sarah to Belleville, New Jersey, where they opened a school. In the picture shown is Theodore and Angelina.
  • Marriage of Harriet Tubman

    Marriage of Harriet Tubman
    In 1844, Harriet married a free black man named John Tubman. Little is known about John Tubman or his marriage to Harriet. Any children they might have had would have been considered enslaved
  • Harriet Ecapes.

    Harriet Ecapes.
    Harriet was given a piece of paper by a white abolitionist neighbor with two names, and told how to find the first house on her path to freedom. At the first house she was put into a wagon, covered with a sack, and driven to her next destination. and kind enough to give her directions to safe houses and names of people who would help her cross the Mason-Dixon line. She then hitched a ride with a woman and her husband who were passing by. They were abolitionists and took her to Philadelphia.
  • Death Of Harriet Tubman

    Death Of Harriet Tubman
    Surrounded by friends and family members, Harriet Tubman died of pneumonia in 1913. She will live as a huge legendary conductor of the underground railroad rescuing more than 400 slaves.