Abbies 2011 reading log

By misrm7
  • Seekers:the quest begins

    Seekers:the quest begins
    This book is the first of five and is about three abandoned bears trying to find each other. Kallick (the polar bear) embarks on a journey to find her brother while Lusa the small black bear travels to unfamiliar teritory to give a message to Toklo, the strong brown bear living life with out a mother
  • Seekers: Great bear lake

    Seekers: Great bear lake
    The second book brings the bears to a lake where all sorts of bears are in wait. Toklo having to swim the dreaded lake in order to become a bear. Lusa who leaves her friends to be with the black bears and Kallick who as she comes closer smells the scent of a familiar bear........
  • Seekers: smoke mountain

    Seekers: smoke mountain
    The journey continues and the bears are all together but will it last that way?
    Lusa has finnaly gotten Toklo to listen to her message but Toklo isnt sure that he wants all these bears around and Kallick, happy to be reunithed with her brother but will her brother stay?
  • Period: to

    books I've read this year.

  • Seekers: The last wilderness

    Seekers: The last wilderness
    The friends have finnaly ended there journey but when there
    shapeshifting friend Ujurak gets kiddnapped, the three friends must come together to save Ujurak and help him escape the humans.
  • Knife

    Knife is about a faery named Bryony who grows up in a tree but is not aloud to go outside however when Bryony grows up she gets the job of the queens hunter and is able to go outside she also changes her name to Knife.But Knife sneaks out to go to the human house where she meets Paul, her human friend and together they must find the second diary of a faery named heather to try fined out the truth of why her people have no magic...
  • Ttyl

    ttyl is about three girls named Angela (snowangel) madd (mad maddie) and Zoe (zoegirl) who talk about what happens in there high school. With crushes and secrets the girls find them selves in all sorts of sittuations.
  • H2o just add water: first crush

    this is a good book about the three mermaids adventure.
    when emma dumps rikki to look after her little brother elliot,
    rikki saves his life when surfing practise goes bad.
    after the savence elliot develops a big crush on rikki!!!!!
  • Just crazy!!

    this is a fun book with about five storys.
    all the storys arew weird and whacky and will make you laugh!!!
    i give this book a big thumbs up!!
  • Deaper than blue

    Deaper than blue
    go hard out to find your friends at the end of a pizza............
    this is a good book
  • Cat magic

    this is a good book about a girl named lottie whos mumu gos to work in paris and she is stuck to stay with her uncle a his dumb pet shop . but wat lottie doesnt know is that the pet shop has a magical feel to it...........................
  • Let me whisper you my story

    Let me whisper you my story
    when rachels family get sent to a consontration camp while she hides in the buboard all she wants is to know her family is safe. three years go by and rachel is still destined to find her mama papa her sister miri aunt uncle and cosins but one day she gets a letter that says she may never............ will she find her beloved family
  • Oracle

    this is a good book about two childrens adventure
  • H2o just add water: siren singer

    when cleo gets moon struck, siren like powers begin to come and she starts to sing incredibly well attraced sailors to there deaths.
  • Chinese cinderalla

    Chinese cinderalla
    this is good book about a unwanted chinese girl who struggles through the life of mean and annoying siblings a mean step mother and a father who never takes noticde of her.all she wants is to be like every one else in her family, loved.......
  • Secrets

    This Is A good book about two girls, one called India And the other called tresure. it is about how thier lives are very different and treasure runs away to escape her evil step father and ends up living in Indias Attic! Untill Her Parents find out of course...
  • Perfect poetry

    this is a good book with lots of funny and touching poems.
  • Just shocking

    this is a good book with lots of storys within it!!
  • Duts Bin Baby

  • Seekers: Fire In The Sky

    This is the fifth book of the series and the two brown bears Toklo and Ujurak and the little black bear Lusa must venture out onto the ice with only there trusted friend Kallick (the polar bear) to help guide them. But during their quest to save the wild, Lusa becomes sleepy as hibernation is calling to her, so Toklo Decides it is best for him and Lusa to go back to land. But things go bad when Lusa gets caught by humans and Toklo must find Kallickv And Ujurak And help save Lusa. Ururak shapes.
  • Radiance

    This book is about a girl called Riley Bloom. Riley Bloom crossed the bridge to the after life following a car crash with her parents and her beloved dog Buttercup. And it turns out that the afterlife is not just an eternity of leisure.Riley has been assigned a job as a soul catcher, with a weird but maby cute boy as her guide. her first assignment will take her back to earth, to every thing shes left behind- were she must find the Radiant boy, a long lost spirit that doesnt want to move on...
  • Matched

    This is a good book about a girl named Cassia. she lives in a parralel world to ours where society dictates who people love, how many kids they have, and when they die. Cassia then gets matched with her best friend Xander but she soon finds herself falling in love with a mysterious boy named ky...
  • The Immortals Series: Evermore

    This is a book about a girl named Ever who is the only surviver of a car crash that killed her mother father sister and her beloved dog buttercup. Ever then moves to Laguna beach Florida to live with her only surviving relative, her auntie Sabine. Ever then attends high school there and soon makes friends with Haven and Miles. But one day a Mysterious boy comes along. He travels at the spped of light. Dissapears when he likes. And more importantly, he only drinks a red mysterious drink....
  • The Immortals Series: Blue Moon

    Evers Relationship with Damon (the mysterios boy) makes Damonb confess who he really is. Ever belives that Damon is a Vampire. But Damon is more than that. He is an immortal. The red Drink is his elixar. things are going well for Ever but soon another mysterious boy comes along his name is Roman. Then one night Damon dissapears. Ever Suspects Roman. To Save Damon Ever must use the Guidence of Her Little DEAD siter Riley, The unusuale host twins Romy And Rain, And the help of a pyshic named Ava.
  • The Immorta;s Series: Shadowland