A Thousand Splendid Suns

Timeline created by Raeven Valladares
In History
  • Mohammad Doud becomes prime minister.

    Looking for military and economic assistance through communist nations.
  • Mariam is born

    Main character is born
  • Mariam miscarriage

    Mariam gets pregnant but has her first miscarriage out of six, two days later.
  • Mariam get married

    Mariam father gives Mariam away for marriage.
  • Sound of gun fire and planes start, fall of Daoud Khan

    war coming to Afghanistan.
  • Laila is born

    Second main character, Laila is born.
  • American Ambassador Adolph Dubs is killed

    Power struggle between Taraki and Hafizullah Amin begins.
  • Soviets Invade and create communist governmant

  • Mujahideen form in Pakistan against soviets

  • peace treaty

    Soviets begin pulling out troops
  • Soviets leave Herat

  • Najibullah surrender and Mujahideen come to Herat

  • Laila says she is pregnant

    Laila is pregnant with the child of her boyfriend, who she believes is dead. In order to stay in the home Laila has to lie to Rasheed and tell him that the baby is his.
  • Laila's house is destroyed

    A rocket hits Laila's house killing her parents and leaving her an orphan. She gets taken in by Mariam and Mariam's husband Rasheed.
  • Rasheed proposes to Laila

    Rasheed Proposes to marry Laila, Rasheed now has two wives which are Mariam and Laila
  • Laila saves Mariam

    Laila was causing "trouble" and Rasheed blames Mariam for it. So Laila saves Mariam from Rasheed's beating
  • Taliban seize control of Kabul

  • United States launch missile attack

  • Titanic Fad comes to Afghanistan

    Titanic becomes popular in Afghanistan.
  • Orphanage

    Laila's daughter Aziza is taken to a orphanage because they cannot afford to feed three adults and two children while the Taliban rule Afghanistan
  • Mariam kills Rasheed

    Rasheed begins beating Mariam and Laila after he finds Laila's long lost boyfriend Tariq is alive. Mariam kills him in order to save Laila's life.
  • Mariam dies

    Mariam dies in prison, her punishment after killing her husband Rasheed.
  • World trade center Pentagon attacked

    Twin towers hit by planes.
  • United States Bombing on Afghanistan Begins.

  • Laila's new life

    Laila and her children Aziza and Zalmai, go back to Afghanistan along with Tariq. Laila teaches at the school in the orphanage now.
  • Period: to


    Causes more than 1 million Afghans to move to Pakistan.