A Sound Of Thunder

Timeline created by bregomez680
  • Setting

    - Eckel's is introduced as a hunter
    - Time Safari Inc. lets people travel to the past to hunt animals
    - Time Safari does no garuntee survival
    - Expensive fees plus high fines for rule breaking
  • Time Machine

    Time Machine
    Time Machine- "Thank god Kieth won" President of the USA
    - Deutscher is a dictator and people are happy he lost
    - Eckels plans on shooting a Tyrannosaurus Rex
    - They dont want hunters to panic last minute.
    - There are 5 people in total going back in the time machine.
    - Dinosaurs can be killed if shot in the right spot
    - The machine has taken them back in time
    - "Stay on the path" "Don't go off."
  • Butterfly effect

    Butterfly effect
    Butterfly Effect- hunters not allowed to shoot animals unless they're 'ok'ed
    - one small animal killed in past affects the future
    - not sure if they can change the future but chaos theory is still thoght about
    - animals marked with red paint are allowed to shoot
    - paradox - hunters can't see themselves so machine skips over them going back in time
    - can't see the result of their ttrip
    - they leave the machine
  • Dinosaur

    Dinosaur- setting surrounded by forest trees and flying pterodactyls
    - no aiming for fun
    - Eckels has the first shot
    - T rex is spotted
    - first reference to thunder
    - dinosaur is described
    - imagery, similes and metaphors used to describe dinosaur
    - Eckels is backing out "It can't be killed"
    - dino has not seen the hunters yet
    - travis, the safari leader, tries to calm down eckels
    - dino finally sees the hunters
  • Dinosaur attack

    Dinosaur attack
    Dinosaur attack- Eckels is panicking
    - Eckels tries going back to the time machine
    - men start to shoot at t rex
    - Eckels walks off the path
    - men see themselves mirrored in the creatures eyes
    - they shoot at it's eyes
    - T rex falls
    - they kept shooting until it was dead
    - "The thunder faded. The jungle wasnsilent."
  • After the shooting

    After the shooting
    After the shooting- Billings and Kramer throw up
    - Eckels in the time machine scared after coming back from going off path
    - Men start to clean themselves up
    - "You could here..." its dying
    - the branch that was supposed to kill the t rex falls on time
    - Men can't take back body but don't want picture either
  • Eckel's fault

    Eckel's fault
    Eckel's Fault- Travis makes Eckels go back out
    - travis wants to leave Eckels to keep the safari going
    - Eckels has to at least bring back all the bullets to keep them from changing anything
    - Eckels collects te bullets and passes out
    - They go back to their time
  • Back Home

    Back Home
    Back Home- Travis is panicking, Eckels thinks it doesnt change anything
    - They get back and things feel different
    - Travis kicks out Eckels and tells him to never come back
    - Things feel different but they don't know why
  • Real Butterfly

    Real Butterfly
    Real Butterfly- Spelling is different in Safari time sign
    - Eckels realizes that he changed something
    - A beautiful butterfly is found dead in the mud left by Eckels
    - Eckels asked who won the election
    - "Deutscher, of course! Who else? Not that fool weakling Keith. We get an iron man now,"
    - Eckels wants to go back and fix things
    - Travis shoots Eckels without hesitation
    - "There was a sound of thunder."