a midsummer nights dream

Timeline created by jarrettweme
  • rehersing the play

    rehersing the play
    the actors go into the woods to reherse the play.
  • scary lion

    scary lion
    bottom has to tell the audience that the lion isnt real so the people dont get scared "A lion among ladies, is the most dreadful thing."
  • donkey head

    donkey head
    puck gives bottom a donkey head "O bottom thou artchanged what do i see on thee"
  • titania falls inlove

    titania falls inlove
    titania falls inlove with bottom wile he has a donkey head
  • pucks mistake

    pucks mistake
    puck realizes he has put the potion on the wrong person
  • oberons puts potion on demetrius

    oberons puts potion on demetrius
    oberon puts the potion in demetrius eyes so he will fall inlove with helena
  • helena feels insulted

    helena feels insulted
    helena feels the boys are making fun of her by acting inlove with her
  • helenas shocked

    helenas shocked
    helena is shocked when lysander says he hates her
  • thinks hermias in on it

    thinks hermias in on it
    helena thinks that hermia is in on the joke of the men loving her
  • demetrus an lysander continue

    demetrus an lysander continue
    the 2 boys continue to declare their love for helena
  • hermias fired up

    hermias fired up
    hermia is really starting to believe lysander has left her for helena "I am am,azed and know what not to say."
  • woman argue

    woman argue
    the 2 woman begin to argue about the boys
  • men fight

    men fight
    the men begin to start fighting for helena
  • oberons distraction

    oberons distraction
    oberon is going to distract the girls and reverse the spell
  • pucks antidote

    pucks antidote
    pucks puts the antidote on the everyone so they will go back to loving the right people