A Lively Journey

  • A Girl Is Born

    I was born in Bangkok,Thailand. At Bumrungrad Hospital, there, I was in a cradle.
  • My First Birthday!

    Hurray! Hurrah!!! It's my first Birthday!
  • I started walking! And climbed!

    I started walking! And climbed!
    I started to crawl, then when I stood up, I walked!!! Then I saw my brother climb, I climbed like him, too.
  • School Life in RIS

    Started school in RIS, and the first day I came, I got a BEST FRIEND!
  • I rode my first baby Bike!!!

    I rode a 3 wheel bike for the first time! :) It was abit wobbly, but I still made it!
  • Big Storm!

    A really big storm crashed BKK. it was fierce, and I was crying by the thunder!
  • My Ankle's Hurt!

    I broke my left ankle while climbing in Gr.1
  • World Cup Soccer!

    World Cup Soccer!
    What country(s) ddo you cheer for? I cheer for Germany and France. :D
  • Big Christmas Party at Home!!!

    Big Christmas Party at Home!!!
    I had a big party at homme where all of my friends came. It was fun!
  • Went to Paris!!!!

    Went to Paris!!!!
    For the very first time, I went to Paris!!! I just lo-ove Paris to death now! I went to the Louve Museum, the Eiffel Tower, the Versailles Palace, and much, much more places.
  • Japan Disaster

    Japan Disaster
    Japan got smashed by an earthquake, then a tsunami, then the neuclear plant bomed. TRIPLE DISASTERS!!! Now, the whole world has fears about the neuclear gas in the ocean AND the air!
  • BISAC Basketball

    BISAC Basketball
    I love Basketball, and this is the first BISAC in my life. It's at ISB, and we got 3rd place for the medals. But for the cup we got 4th place.