A Historical Timeline of John Quincy Adams (The First Vice President of the United States, The Second President of the United States, The Colossus of Independence, His Rotundity, Old Sink or Swim, Bonny Johnny, Atlas of Independence, etc.)

By divah00
  • Birth

    The second leader of the United States of America is born to John and Susanna Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts (now Quincy, Massachusetts).
  • John Adams Is Admitted into Harvard College

    John Adams did so well and excelled so much in school that he is admitted into Harvard College at the early age of fifteen.
  • John Adams Graduates Harvard College

    John Adams excelled in school and entered Harvard College, one of the best in the country at that time and even now, at the age fifteen. He graduated qhen he was twenty years old.
  • Marriage

    John Adams married Abigail Smith, the well-read daughter of a minister, known for her correspondence. It is thought that she was an unofficial advisor to John Adams
  • Abigail Amelia Adams "Nabby" Is Born

    The first child and daughter of John and Abigail Adams is born nine months after their marriage. She gives birth to their first granchild.
  • John Quincy Adams Junior Is Born

    John Adams's oldest son, also John Adams, is born. He would later be elected to the position of President, following in his father's footsteps.
  • Susanna Adams Is Stillborn

    The daughter of John and Abigail Adams is stillborn, a tragedy for the family, ezpecially when some years later their nex child is stillborn.
  • Adams Takes a Break

    For health related reasons, John Adams take a short reprieve from his work. He spends this sime in the place in which he was born, Braintree, Massachusetts.
  • Adams Attends the First Continental Congress

    John Adams attende the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia as one of the four Massachusetts delegates. A year later he went to the Second Continental Congress in May. This isimportant because it marks the beginning of his career as a founding father. This is the event that sets the destiny of John Adams in motion.
  • John Adams is a Published Author

    Adams publishes "Thoughts on Government" in 1776. It introduces, outlines, and discusses many of the ideas that would soon fill the Constitution, including a bicameral legislative house and a three branch government with a checks and balances system. Without this book, it is not likely our government would be the same. These are many ideas we use even today.
  • John Adams Goes to France for Help

    John Adams goes to France and is led to the Hague, where he takes a loan for America. This is very important because at the time, the United States were not rich. This money was sorely neeed in order to pay back overdue debts and accomplish the things America's leaders wanted to accomplish.
  • Massachusetts Constitution Is Ratified

    The Massachusetts Constitution, written in large by John Adams himself is ratified. When examining it, one can see that it closely corresponds to Adams's views. This Constitution helps historians to understand John Adams better.
  • The US Constitution Is Signed

    Not only had he contributed much to it, John Adams is one of the 39 delegates that signs the Constitution on that turning point day.
  • John Adams Is a Grandfather

    William Steuben, the son of John and Abigail's first daughter, Abigail Amelia Adams, or Nabby, is born to her and her husband, Colonel William Stephens Smith.
  • Elected First Vice President of the United States of America

    John Adams is elected to the position of Vice President of the United States. He is Vice President to George Washington. The is a significant point in history. John Adams would go on to accomplish many things, even averting a war, and further outine American laws and rights, in his term.
  • Elected President of the United States of America

    John Adams, a member of the Federalist Party, campaigns against Thomas Jefferson and wins the election. Thomas Jefferson is his Vice President
  • The XYZ Affair

    The XYZ Affair occurred as a result of Jay's Treaty. The French thought that the Americans were supporting Britain and captured many American ships. When Adams sent envoys to ask them to stop, France demanded a bribe. An indignant John Adams asked the Congress to ready for war.
  • Alien and Sedition Acts

    The Alien and Sedition Acts were created because many suspected the French of treason to the American goverment. The Alien Act allowed the US government to deport suspect immigrants and the Sedition Act disallowed American citizns from speaking against the government. Both were repealed.
  • Treaty of Mortefontaine Is Signed

    The Treaty, established after Napoleon's overthrow of the then unstable French Government, ceased all hostilities between France and the US. Without this treaty the hostilities might have continued and caused further damage to the American and French government. It is important that this treaty was signed when it was. It protected the Americans from the danger of a new rising power in France.
  • The Library of Congress is Established

    A Library for the Congress is set up in the new Washington D.C. capital. Fourteen years later, when Britain burns it down, John Adams replaces it with his personal library, a gesture remembered even today. The Library of Congress is very helpful and is the research for many helful and important laws that we ave today.
  • John Adams Moves into the White House

    John Adams was the first ever President to sleep in the White House, which at the time was not called the White House, but simply the President's House.
  • Charles Adams Dies Young

    Charles Adams passes away in New York City in the year 1800. At this time he had problems with alcohol and was emotionally unstable. His father, John Adams, had sworn two years before to never see his son again, due to these problems and unfortunately, this promise was kept.
  • Death of Wife

    Abigail Adams dies of typhoid fever, eight years before John Adams's own death.
  • John Adams Dies

    John Adams dies on the Fourth of July within hours of his friend, Thomas Jefferson, of heart failure.