A Dramatic Shift

  • Andrea and Tim Meet for First Time

    HF recording session at Fairbanks studios.
  • Easter Eve Affair

    Tim meets Andrea at Butler and has a night of fun.
  • Andrea's Graduation

    Andrea graduates from Butler. Tim attends.
  • Carb Day 2009

    Andrea and Tim declare this their first "official" date.
  • The "Incident"

    Traumatic event that changes everything - drastically.
  • Tim's Probation Begins

  • Andrea Moves to Harbour Pointe

    Andrea leaves Clarendon Place and gets new apartment at Harbour Pointe
  • Tim's Probation Ends

  • Issue w/ Gaming or Kids ?

    At apartment, playing Black Ops with Char. Andrea finally emerges from bedroom. Retrieves mail and discovers check. Feels ignored despite brief exchange about dollar amount. Walks away, muttering "nevermind". Causes me to throw controller on floor and confront her about it. Later, at store, I offer to pay for groceries and Andrea says, "these are hardly groceries." Back at apt, she confronts me about it all only to decide to "forget it and move on." I don't understand.
  • Stubborn Attitude and Cat Vomit

    Sunday morning, explicitly after being told to feed the cats only 1 tablespoon of food each, she empties the entire can into their dish. Of course, Doo Dad vomits minutes later. As she is cleaning up the mess, she is ranting about the cats for about 10 minutes. I'm thinking, if you would have just followed instructions, this may have been avoided. Sometimes I wonder how to get through to her.
  • Andrea Gets Hired at CURRENT

    With a combination of persistence, luck and the help of a friend, Andrea gets hired at literally the "last minute" before having to return home to Madison.
  • Andrea's Sleep Study

  • Andrea Comes to Terre Haute

    At the end of the first day of HF recording in Terre Haute, Andrea comes to hotel overnight to see Tim.
  • Tim Stays Home for CURRENT Christmas Party ?

    Best guess as to when this party occurred that month. Tim did not attend due to illness.
  • Tim & Andrea Forge Contract

    Primarily driven by Tim's need to put narcoleptic concerns into a workable framework and timeline, a contract is derived with specifc concerns and outcomes. June 1st re-evaluation date is agreed upon.
  • Last Incident of Physical Violence

    After attending Big Daddy's gig with BGT, Tim attempts to get Andrea to Carmel. Due to a severe narcoleptic episode (alcohol involved), a massive scene occurs in garage and driveway. Tim becomes violent. Communications are rigid for days.
  • Branch Becomes "Fed Up"

    This CIP gig with the wedding party prompts Branch to request that Andrea no longer attend gigs.
  • BOTH Attend Stacked Pickle Gathering ?

    This is my best guess of when this occurred.
  • Andrea Leaves Gig

    As Tim is driving to gig, Andrea informs him that she has been invited out by friends. In an unprecedented move, Andrea comes to gig for brief period and then then leaves to meet friends (Kevin, Jess, Jordan) in Broad Ripple. This "oddity" does not go unnoticed and raises some suspicion and concern in his mind. Unsure who was in this group or where.
  • Tim Tracks Drums in Terre Haute

    Tim is tracking drums with Branch in Terre Haute. Andrea calls Jordan to return her to her car. He wrecks on the way. Tim takes her to her car after returning from Terre Haute.
  • Andrea Begins Taking Provigil

    This is an approximate date. Mildly degraded sex drive seems to lower to zero within days of med change.
  • Tim Stays Home on Cinco de Mayo

    Afternoon outing and "copyright law" spat at Naked Tchopstix leaves Tim feeling bitter. Plays SC instead of napping and ends up feeling worse. Chooses to stay home instead of going out with Andrea and friends. Andrea cries about this, privately. Andrea's phone dies that night. Voice and text communciations are poor.
  • Andrea Meets K&J @ Party

    Around 10:00 p.m., Andrea asks if it would be ok for her to join Kevin & Jess at a Broadripple party. Not wanting to be the "scapegoat" for depriving her of her fun, Tim reluctantly agrees; panic about this new pattern increases. Andrea states she will be home by midnight. Arrives around 2 a.m.
  • Mother's Day

    Tim essentially ignores Andrea all day as she spends day in Madison. Ends up rescheduling plans with Pam due to emotional aftermath of it all.
  • Andrea - Dinner w/ Kevin & Jess *

    In the midst of the fighting that has erupted in the relationship around the sudden changes in behavior, Andrea takes advantage of a parenting night to get away and have dinner with her friends. Jess never responds to text message sent. I believe this is the night Tim left rose on windshield.
  • BGT Gig w/o Andrea

    BGT @ Swizzle Stick in Greenfield
  • Tim Watches Sarah Move Out

    Providing moral support for Earl, Tim spends morning at Earl's. Around noon hour, Tim begins texting Andrea frantically due to lack of response and odd responses. Heightens suspicions that something may be going on.
  • Relationship Contract Expires

  • Andrea Goes to Kane's for Dinner

    Kevin fails to respond to text message until AFTER I call Andrea. Never responds to text sent next morning.
  • Charlize's Birthday - The Facebook "Breakup"

    The night before, Andrea finally acknowledges Charlize's birthday and tries to plan a cake last-minute. Meanwhile, given recent events, Tim has made plans for cake elsewhere, given the odd lack of interest shown by Andrea this time around. Multiple issues erupt into a fight the next morning, leading to a Facebook "breakup" and Andrea unfriending a laudry list of people.
  • BGT Gig w/o Andrea

    BGT @ Flatwater on a Thursday night. Prompts thread and eventual FB friending with Rachel Jacks.
  • HF Gig w/o Andrea

    Father's Day Eve gig at American Legion. Due to circumstances, Tim has to tend to gig while Andrea goes to Madison. Tim comes down in the middle of the night to join her.
  • Andrea Sends "Alone" Video

    Andrea sends Tim an email with link to video about being alone.
  • Tim Quits BGT

  • Andrea Rides in Carmelfest Parade

    After a long, hot morning riding in the parade, a series of poor choices (lack of water, alcohol, etc.) lead Andrea to be ill all afternoon. Tim stays with her and attempts to relieve sever headache, etc. Andrea manages to drag herself to fireworks that night. Tim notes that we do NOT meet up with Kevin & Jess.
  • Jordan's House Party

    Despite obtaining Alex as a babysitter for the night, Andrea insists on going to this party alone. The argument leading up to the event (Thursday night) left Tim wondering why this was so important. Tim ends up going to a 10th of Never gig and picking her up from the party.
  • Andrea - Dinner at Jess & Kevin's

    Due to early-morning argument and Gchatting throughout the day, Andrea determines that we are "not in the best place" we should be for me to go with her. HF has minimal rehearsal, then spends time at Joe's 2 killing time. Tim's phone is dead from 8p-12:30a, so communciations are fucked. But, then Andrea doesn't even arrive home until almost 2:30a.
  • Andrea Attends HF @ Joe's 2

    Andrea chooses to leave car at bar and be driven home. Tim finds yet another Dasani bottle containing alcohol in her purse.
  • Positive Sex Experience