A Christmas Memory

By Ailie97
  • Fruitcake Weather!

    An elderly woman and her friend Buddy, are standing at in the kitchen window and she announces that it is fruitcake weather. Buddy is a young boy while she is an elderly woman. Buddy is named after one of her friends that died when she was a child.
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    A Christmas Memory

  • Getting the Ingredients

    Buddy and his friend go around town to get the ingredients for the fruitcake. The most important and expensive ingredient is the whiskey. The man that sells the whiskey, Mr.Haha Jones, is rumored to be gloomy and never laughs. Buddy and his friend tell Mr.Haha Jones that the whisky is for making fruitcakes and Mr.Haha says that instead of paying for the whiskey they should bring him a fruitcake instead.
  • Selling the Fruitcakes

    The last of the fruitcakes have been shipped and sold to friends, family, and even strangers. The cost of all the stamps has caused Buddy and his friend to have no spare money, once again.
  • Drinking the Whiskey

    After all the fruitcakes have been sold, there was still some of the whiskey left. Buddy and his friend decide to drink some of the whiskey. Two of the relatives that live with them walk in while Buddy and his friend are dancing around the kitchen. They are furious.
  • Chopping Down the Christmas Tree

    After the whiskey drinking fiasco, Buddy's friend suggestst that they go out and chop down their own Christmas tree, like her father used to do. They walk a few miles into the forest, find the perfect tree, chop it down, and bring back home.
  • Christmas Day

    Buddy and his friend couldn't sleep at all the night before, for they were so excited at the thought of Christmas Day. Buddy was disappointed because he got a sweater, handkerchiefs, and a years subscription to a religious magazine. Buddy and his friend exchanged kites with each other like they did the year before. The kite was by far his favorite present.
  • Flying Kites

    It was a windy day so Buddy and his friend decided to go out and fly their new kites.
  • Military School

    This was Buddy and his friend's last Christmas, The people that think they know best for Buddy enroll him in Military school.
  • Buddy's friend.

    Buddy's friend still writes to him, but over time her letters vecome more and more confusing and distant. She can longer gert out of bed and exclaim "Its fruitcake weather!". Then one day he recieves a letter telling him that his friend has died. He was searching the sky, expecting to see a pair of lost kites flying towards heaven.