NTN JHP Spain Holidays

  • Dec 14, 1275

    Moros y Cristanos

    Moros y Cristanos
    Moros y Cristianos: How: A celebration of when St George helped beat Al Azraq in the year 1275. Have lots of Fire Works, fake battles in the streets between the two, and decorate with Red St George flags. Who: Mostly the Acoy people in the Alicante province. When: There are over 150 celebrations a year, but the biggest ones are between April 21 and April 24 Where: Most festivals are held in the city of Al
  • Castellers de Vilafrance

    Castellers de Vilafrance
    Castellers de Vilafrance -How: People use themselves to make human towers by stacking themselves above one another. -Who:Tarragona people and Penedès people made this festival well known. The first groups to celebrate this were The people of the Alt Camp and rivaled by the people of the Camp de Tarron When: Started in the 17th century Where: Everywhere in Spain Why: A Popular dance from Valencia was popular back in the 17th century and then turned into stacking people on eachot
  • Feria de Abril

    Feria de Abril
    Feria de Abril: How: At noon every day of the festival, girls in a full flamenco costume go down streets in carriages in parades by horses. This is called Paseo de Caballos. Some of the best bull fights also occur at night and are sold out early. Who: Mostly everyone in Spain. When: In 2011 the dates will be May 3rd through May 8th. Where: Everywhere in Spain, but it is most famous for being celebrated in the town of Seville. Why: To celebrate after Holy Week.