Rocky Ligoki's Wifes Class

  • The day god gave life to a god

    The day god gave life to a god
    It all started at 7:52p.m on April 22, 1994 I was born at St. Marys Hospital, Madison, WI. 8lbs 7oz and 22 inches long. I came out hungy and mad. As soon as I got a bubba I was happy.
  • First Injury

    First Injury
    Fresh out of the tum-tum, six month old Scottie was rocking back and forth in his rocker- on his kitchen counter. His mother was making lunch, and he swung a little too hard and flipped the rocker all the way around, and off the counter. He cut his lower eye and now has a scar.
  • Babys First Steps

    Babys First Steps
    I was just about nine months when at the McDonalds just off the west beltline, in Madison. I started walking for the first time. It was just 5 steps. This is very normal to start walking. Most babies started to walk at age nine months to twelve months.
  • First Sport

    First Sport
    At age three I joined my moms pre-ballet class. I was only 1 out of 7 boys in the class. Soon after, I joined a competitive dance team. I knew that I loved dance! I am sure that joining a sport so young is unusual. Most kids start at age four to five, so I was a little mature back then.
  • First Day of School

    First Day of School
    5 years old, with my silver metallic backpack and Backstreet Boys lunch box. I was ready to learn in my afternoon halfday kindergarden class. Mr. Hoffenberg was my teacher and I loved school! 5 years old is the age children start school in WI, so I was average and started with the rest of them!
  • First kiss that counts

    First kiss that counts
    To Tish Daniels. We were at my house, and loving eachother! i was just ten years old. On average kids start to experience with eachother at age eleven to twelve. I started early!
  • Being Big RULES

    Being Big RULES
    On my 12th birthday, I got to sit in the front seat for the first time with my mom. I was dropped off at school, and I felt like I was very old and that I was "The Boss"! 12 years old is the "recommended" age for kids to be able to sit in the front seat.
  • First Death

    First Death
    The first real death, that I really remember was my best friend- Holly. She was my dog from my childhood. I loved her so much and her death kept me at my house for a week. Most people discover death at a much younger age, but I was lucky until this sad day.
  • First Accomplishment

    First Accomplishment
    In St. Paul MN, I won my third scholarship for dance! This was not the first time obviously that I won a scholarship, but I won it out of 1300 dancers- girls and boys. I recieved a week long dance intensive course in L.A, this summer. I also recieved free training at a convention of my choice- anywhere in the country!
  • Drivers License

    Drivers License
    In Mauston WI. It took 7 minutes to get only 5 points off. I was exstatic! The leagal age for recieving a drivers licence in WI is 16, so I was right on time for this exciting day in my life.