unit 4: jeffersonian era + unit 5: jacksonian era

  • Election of 1800

    Election of 1800
    It is also known as the "Revolution of 1800,"
    Adams and Jefferson fought to see who would become president, President Jefferson won
  • Marbury v. Madison Supreme Court Decision

    the congress men fought to try to get the judges to tell the president that he had to sign the petitions that they wanted him to sign because he was not doing it
  • Lewis & Clark reach the Pacific Ocean

    Lewis & Clark reach the Pacific Ocean
    at this point the 2 guys reached the pacific ocean
  • Treaty of Ghent

    it ended the war of 1812
  • Andrew Jackson Elected President (1st Term)

    andrew jackson and john adam both ran for president andrew won but they threw the vote
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    when the french bought land for $15 million