• day i was born

    day i was born
    I was born on feb,17,1994 at 835 A.M. my mom and dad named me brian eddy. I was suposted to have something wrong with me when i was born but i never did.
  • Grandpa died

    Grandpa died
    it was a sad day becasue my dad dad died. he was the coolest grandpa i will ever have.
  • 1st nephew born

    1st nephew born
    had my fist nephew his name is jojo. he was born september 17 2004 at 625 pm in hurly hospital.
  • Went to the beach with all of my family for a reunion

    It was fun because I got to see all of my family that I never meant before.
  • 2nd nephew born

    2nd nephew born
    2nd nephew was born his name is robert.robert was born on aug 2 2005. he was born at 7:20 am he was also born in hurly
  • 3rd nephew

    3rd nephew
    3rd nephew born his name is isaac. issac was born on apr 3 2007. he was born at 10:30 am in hurly hospital.
  • moved to Mt.morris

    moved to Mt.morris
    i was happy when i moved to mt.morris becasue flint is a bad place to live at.
  • went fishing

    went  fishing
    It was fun because I never get to see my grandpa.And i got to spend sometime with him before he moved.
  • Went to Ohio

    Went to Ohio
    It was fun cause we went to cedar point for my first time but I never got to rider a roller coaster because I was to scared.
  • first day of high school

    first day of high school
    Scared because I thought I would get lost.
  • driving test

    driving test
    Can’t wait to get my licensing so that I can drive any where I want to.
  • out of high school for ever

    out of high school for ever
    Can’t wait to get out of high school and go to college.Then i can start my life. I can start to go to collage.
  • I want ot be a fbi agent

    I want ot be a fbi agent
    I wanted to be a fbi agent all my life. When I was a little kid I played cops and robbers with my dad and friends.
  • Get married

    Get married
    i want to get a wife have one kid and live in californa. next i want to get a house on the beach and live there for ever.
  • Get my first kid

    I want to have a boy because I want to teach him how to play base ball, football.