My past

  • I was born

    I was born
  • first chrismas

    first chrismas
  • 1st birthday

    1st birthday
  • 1998 balcony flip jump.

    1998 balcony flip jump.
    I just brushed it off. I also did a front flip off that balcony. I jumped fifteen feet in the air.
  • first cedar point trip

    first cedar point trip
  • preschool

  • First time I hit a golf ball.

    First time I hit a golf ball.
    After this I started playing golf. Then my Dad started to teach me golf. He still teaches me today.
  • My ps2

    My ps2
    I played it all day.The first game I played was a bugs life. I was excited when I got it.
  • first golf lesson

    first golf lesson
  • first bike

    first bike
  • first tournament

    first tournament
  • My Christmas 2004.

    My Christmas 2004.
    Nascar was my first racing game. The first thing I did was race. I felt like I was in a zone.
  • first baseball game

    first baseball game
  • flint junior golf trophy

    flint junior golf trophy
  • My wii

    My wii
    I played it all day.I felt excited when I got my wii.The first game I played was wii sports.