Ch. 12 Second Great Awakening

  • Massive revival held at Cane Ridge, Kentucky

    highly emotional camp meeting, first of this size
  • American Temperance Society organized

    society promoting reform and the abolition of slavery as well as restraining from alcohol, and expanding women's rights
  • Charles G. Finney evangelizes Rochester New York

    Rochester New York gets it
  • William Lloyd Garrison publishes first issue of the Liberator

    First issue of the anti-slavery paper, the Liberator
  • Abolitionist found American Anti-Slavery Society

    Abolitionist society founded
  • Teodore Weld advocates aboition in Ohio and upstate New York

    his meetings promote aboltion of slavery and leave thousands of abolitionists and hundreds of abolitionist societies
  • American Temperance Society splits into factions

    split into two factions, one that honored the Constitution and one that went agains it
  • Massachusetts establishes a state board of education

    structured education system
  • Abolitionist editor Elijah Lovejoy killed

    killed by a proslavery mob