Europe Timeline

  • Steam Engine

    Steam Engine
    The steam engine was earlier created by Thomas Newcomen, but when he created it, it was unusable. Then James Watt used Newcomen's idea, but made it so the "peddle" would move forwards and around. This new system made it possible for him to invent the steam boat and the train. With these new products life became much easier.
    The importance: The importance of the steam engine is that it opened up a whole new industry and made travel and trade much, much easier.
  • French Revolution

    French Revolution
    The French Revolution started on July 14, 1789 when the people of France stormed the Bastille. Soon then the King Louis XVI was forced to sign the Declaration of the Rights of Man. He was married to a selfish queen named Marie Antoinette. She was killed and a man name Robespierre took over starting the Reign of Terror.
    The importance: It was important because it violently transformed France from a monarchical state into a more modern nation in which power was able to be equally shared.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    The Congress of Vienna was called to restore the balance of power in Europe when Napoleon's empire fell. The four great powers Prussia, United Kingdom, Austria, and Russia redrew the boundaries of Europe. This helped France also grow into a more modern government. They used ideas of the Enlightenment to their shape their decisiions. It was important because it redrew Europe's map which restored monarchy to the terrioties that Napoleon captured. This gave congress a much needed balance of powers.
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels first wrote this in German. It is a very controversial and inspiring book, and is still one of the best sellers. The book basically brings the conflicts of many classes to light and states the problems of a capitalism. The book shows opinions of the writers and how a communist government could be. The importance of this book is that it brought the ideas of a more equal society into the minds of others and the book is essentially the father of communism.
  • Unification of Germany

    Unification of Germany
    Before the unification there were many different “states” in the central area in Europe. Soon though the Germans wanted a powerful, and united nation. The unification took place at the conclusion of the Franco-Prussian War. The princes of Germany told all the Germans of Versailles, France at the Hall of Mirrors. All the states formed the German Nation.
    The improtance of this event was that it started Germany as a nation and brought stability to the German people.
  • Berlin Conference

    Berlin Conference
    The Berlin Conference was called to regulate the trade in Africa. The conference was the result of much interest in Afica. Africa had very valuable resources such as gold, spices, opium, tea, and most importantly slaves. This was the period when the triangle trade was the big industry in the world. The importance of this meeting was that it ended in the General Act of the Berlin Conference to be written. It fixed many of the issues that formed from the new trading and exploring in Africa.