Daniel webster 1

Daniel Webster

  • Born

    Salisbury, NH
  • Graduated From Darmouth College

    Graduated From Darmouth College
    At the Age of 19
  • Principal of an Academy

    The Acadamy is not listed, but was in Fryeburg, Maine
  • Member of the N.H. Bar

    Member of the N.H. Bar
    Is an association of New Hamshire lawyers.
  • Started a Leagal Practice

    Was Located in Portsmouth, N.H. worked witht the shipowners and merchants of the city
  • Elected to the House of Representatives

    Elected to the House of Representatives
    Due to his opposition to the War of 1812
  • Left Congress

    This was after two terms
  • Period: to

    Won Major Supreme Court Cases


    Woodward wanted the school to become a state university. Darmouth won 6-1

    Has to do with the state of Mayland imposing taxes on any banks that weren't chartered through the state. McCulloch refused to pay. McCulloch won 7-0
  • Delegate to Massachusetts State Constitutional Convention

  • Returned to Congress from Boston

    Represtented Massachusetts for the next five years. Opposed the 1824 tariff, thinking that it would injure the merchent class
  • Period: to

    Served on Congress

    Eighteenth, Nineteenth, and Twentieth Chairman on the Eighteenth and Nineteenth (Committee on the Judiciary)
  • Elected Sentor from Massachusets

    famous reversals and embraced the need for a tariff.
  • Addresses on the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

    Addresses on the deaths of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson
  • Period: to

    Served on Senate

  • Elected to Senate

  • Backed High Teriff Bill

    The High Tariff Bill is a bill that made the South buy manufactured goods from the North. Led to the nulification of the South
  • Endorseed the tariff

  • Successfully Defended the Union

    -Senate Debate
    -"Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!"
  • Debated Senator Robert Y. Hayne

    Debated Senator Robert Y. Hayne
    Debate was wether to keep westard land public land or to turn it into federal land.
  • Joined Andrew Jackson

    Joined Andrew Jackson
    To supress South Carolina attempt to nulify the tarrif
  • Ran for Presidency under the Whig Party

  • Split from Federalist Party

    Helped form the Whig Party
  • President Henry Harrison Dies

    President Henry Harrison Dies
    This brings John Tyler to presidency, with this all but Webster left the cabnet
  • Secatary of State

    Named by president Wiliam Herny Harrison
  • Successfully Concluded the WEBSTER_ASHBURTIBON TREATY

    Treaty was about the US bondries in Maine. The treaty ended the issue, in result the US got more than half of the discused area. "webster rejected a request to allow boarding of American ships by the British Navy." from u-s-history.com
  • Leaves the Cabnet

    This is due to whig pressure
  • Elected as Whig to Senate

  • Period: to

    Served on Senate

    Elected as a Whig Party canadite. Resigned in July 1850
  • powerfull Speech to Senate

    Compromise of 1850. denouncing Southern threats of secession but urging Northern support for a stronger law for the recovery of fugitive slaves
  • Secratary of State

    Secratary of State
    Appointed by President Millard Fillmore. Supervised the enforcement of Fugitive Slave Act. Served until his death in 1852 "Webster's stand alienated antislavery forces and divided the Whig party, but it helped to preserve the Union."-from http://www.marshfield.net/History/webster.htm
  • Last Chance at Presidency

    Last Chance at Presidency
    Due to the Whig party favoring General Winfield Scott
  • Died