Life of Grandparents By Kiara H

  • Grandpa was born

    In 1927, my grandpa was born.
    He was very poor when he was growing up. He would usually walk to school without ine shoe on. Mostly skip school to help with family.
  • Grandma was born

    Ten years later my grandma was born. Like my grandpa she also had problems with money and was very poor to the point where she stop going to school after 4th grade.
  • Got a reward for catching the most fish

    My grandpa sign up for a fishing competion. He won and got an a reward for it
  • First child was born

    Basically my uncle is the oldest and is the first born child of my grandparents.
  • Marriaged

    They both got married together in 1958.
    In 2008 was there 50 years together.
    Grandma was 21 while grandpa was 31. Barely had any problems with each other.
  • Two years later after marrige

    Second child born is my mother who was telling me about there past and what happened.
  • Grandma got turberculosis

    Grandma got turberculosis and almost die because it. The doctors and nurses soon heal her and now she doesnt have it.
  • Grandpa went the U.S

    Grandpa went to the united states and didnt enjoy it much. He only came to look for work. No matter what he still didnt enjoy it and went back after a week
  • Grandpa started a business

    Grandpa started a business selling fresh fruits and vegtables from his own backyard.