My timeline

  • When i was born

    When i was born
    This is Significant because this is when i was born.
    if i wasn't born on this dasy then i wouldn't have been in the things i am in today.
  • My first steps

    My first steps
    If i haven't taken my first steps then i wouldn't be able to walk!
  • First day of school

    First day of school
    This is significant because if I haven’t went to my first day of school I wouldn’t have been in this class
  • Moved to Markham

    Moved to Markham
    If i haven't moved to markham i wouldn't have been in any of my past schools including this one, and i wouldn't of got to meet all the coolest friends i have now!
  • Ashton Meadows

    Ashton Meadows
    First Public school in markham.
    first 1-8 school i ever been in.
  • Lincoln Alexander

    Lincoln Alexander
    Thrid elementary school i had to transfer too
  • Grade 8 Grad

    Grade 8 Grad
    This is significant because this is the day that i finished elementary school
  • Got my first job!

    Got my first job!
    This is significant because this is my first job and it shows me how to improve and help me with my future careers