The Symbiotes of Spider-Man

  • Symbiote Captured

    Amazing Spider-Man #258 After learning the true nature of the black costume he was wearing. Peter decides to remove it with the help of Dr. Reed Richards(Mr.Fantastic). The Symbiote is captured and to be contained for further study. This happens in Amazing while the Special run of the crossover Secret Wars was going on at the same time.
  • First Appearance of Symbiote

    First Appearance of Symbiote
    Secret Wars #8 While on another planet fighting along side earth's greatest heros, Peter gets the alien symbiote thinking it just another costume. He wears the costume all the way back to earth in Amazing Spider-Man#252
  • Symbiote rejected by Peter, finds Eddie Brock

    Symbiote rejected by Peter, finds Eddie Brock
    Web Of Spider-Man #1 After escaping Dr.Richards lab at the Baxter building the Symbiote finds Peter again. Knowing that symbiotes are pained by intense heat or sound waves Spider-Man heads to Our Lady of Saints Church where using the sound of the chrurch bell he removes the symbiote. Fleeing from the sound the symbiote finds a suicidal Eddie Brock Praying.
  • First full appearance of Venom

    First full appearance of Venom
    Amazing Spider-Man#300 First time Venom(Eddie Brock) is fully in the comic. His arm or just an obscured view of him was all that had taken place before. Eddie and the alien symbiote both hate Peter. Combined they are one of his most relentless foes.
  • Symbiote Dies

    Amazing Spider-Man #333 In a battle with Spider-Man and a poison touched man named Styx, Venom is touched by the poison hand of Styx and the symbiote dies leaving Eddie all alone.
  • Symbiote returns to Eddie Brock

    Amazing Spider-Man #346 After the battle with Styx and suffering his poison touch the symbiote returns to Eddie Brock. Only in a coma the whole time, Venom takes up his pursuit oif the distruction of Spider-Man. Next issue Spidey tricks Venom into thinking he was killed on island and finds a soft time of peace form Venom.
  • First appearance of Carnage

    First appearance of Carnage
    Amazing Spider-Man#344 Cletus Kasady already a very, very bad person gets symbiote powers from the alien symbote that is on Eddie Brock as Venom. The asexual first symbiote reproduces and a red symbiote finds Cletus and becomes Carnage. With his creation Spider-Man and long time Spidey/Parker hater Venom(he hates Carnage) have to work together oftern to defeat him.
  • Venom kidnapps Peter's Parents

    Amazing Spider-Man #374 After Peter's parents come return to his life after being thought dead. Venom kidnaps them to save them from the evil he believes Spider-Man to be.
  • First Appearance of She-Venom

    First Appearance of She-Venom
    Venom: Sinner Take All #2 To save the life of Eddie Brock's ex-wife Anne Weying, his symbiote temporarily bonds with her. She returns the sybiote and Eddie send it to help her break out of prision. Once more Eddie takes his other back and she late commits suicide after seeing Spider-Man in his black costume. The mental strain of it all too much for her.
  • First Appearance of Scream

    First Appearance of Scream
    Venom: Lethal Protector #4 The Life Foundation was experimenting with the Venom symbiote in the hopes of creating so-called 'super-cops' to watch over their imagined fallout shelter utopia. Donna Diego was a member of the security force picked for a symbiote. SHe is insane and has a history of trouble controlling her symbiote.
  • First Appeance of The Life Foundation Symbiotes

    First Appeance of The Life Foundation Symbiotes
    Venom: Lethal Protector #4 A small group of men and women were are chosen as hosts for Venom's five forcibly-extracted spawn by the Life Foundation. This includes Donna Diego, Carl Mach, Trevor Cole, Ramon Hernandez and Leslie Gesneria. They became Life Foundation Symbiotes Scream, Riot, Phage, Lasher, and Agony
  • Maximum Carnage

    Spider-Man Unlimited #1 After an escape from Ravencroft, Carnage teams up with Demogoblin, Doppelganger, and Shriek as a psychotic family on a killing spree through out New York. Spidey and Venom have to team up to stop them.
  • Planet of the Symbiotes

    Planet of the Symbiotes
    Amazing Spider-Man Super Special #1 Venom forces Spider-Man(Peter) and the Scarlet Spider(Ben) to help him stop a whole planet of symbiotes from coming through a portal to earth.
  • First Appearance of Hybrid

    First Appearance of Hybrid
    Venom: Along Came A Spider #1 Hybrid is the amalgamation of four of the Life Foundation Symbiotes. Scott Washington a Guardsman at the Vault (the prison for supervillains) lab facility. He let them go believing them to not be evil and the found and bonded with him. In a recent Initiative issue it was said that one of the symbiotes left Scott and bonded with an unnamed college student. Its whereabouts and identity are unknown as of yet.
  • Spider-Carnage

    Amazing Spider-Man #410 The red symbiote of Carnage escapes leaving Cletus Kassidy behind. It does find Peter's clone Ben Reilly to form Spider-Carnage. Ben rejects the symbiote unable to fully control it and Kassidy rejoins with the symbiote to form Carnage once again.
  • Carnage Cosmic

    Carnage Cosmic
    Amazing Spider-Man #430 After a attempt at a budget cut at Ravencroft allows Carnage to escape, he runs into the former herold of Galactus the Silver Surfer. Attempting to bond with him, the symbiote is no match for the surfer.
  • First Appearance of Toxin

    First Appearance of Toxin
    Venom/Carnage #2 Patrick Mulligan a New York City cop bonds with the offspring of the Carnage symbiote. Unlike his father and grandfather symbiotes, Toxin and Patrick remain very seperate and converse with each other. Patrick trying to control the symbiotes nature and the symbiote trying to learn from Patrick. Also Toxin has taken up a life of crime fighting.
  • Angelo Fortunato Becomes the Second Venom

    Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #7 Dying of cancer and wanting to do some good with his life Eddie Brock sells the Venom symbiote to the highest bidder($100 million), Don Fortunato. Who gives the symbiote to his son Angelo Fortunato. The symbiote finds him a coward and abandons him in mid jump later killing him.
  • Mac Gargan Becomes the third Venom

    Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10 After kidnapping Aunt May in a plot to break Norman Osborn out of jail. Mac Gargan the Scorpion finds the Venom symbiote in his apartment and becomes the third Venom.
  • First Appearance of Anti-Venom

    First Appearance of Anti-Venom
    Amazing Spider-Man #569 Eddie Brock, having gotten rid of his other symbiote, and being cured of cancer by Mr.Negative. Comes in contact with the new Venom. His old other and Mac Gargon(the old Scorpion) and the remaining symbiote that was in his blood from his Venom days reacts with a faux-symbiote. White and and posionous to symbiotes now because of the old symbiote remains in his blood hiding in his white blood cells to avoid Mr. Negative's touch during the cancer curing.