This Is My Life

  • My Birth

    My Birth
    I was born in New York, USA at 12:27am. I was the first child of my parents.
  • My First Halloween

    My First Halloween
    I had my first halloween when I was 3. I went trick or treating with my parents dressed up as the green teletubby and got lots of candy.
  • Moved To Canada

    Moved To Canada
    I moved from New York, USA to Guelph, Ontario when I was 4 and attended JR & SR kindergarten.
  • Learned How To Ride A Bike

    Learned How To Ride A Bike
    My daddy taught me how to ride a bike in our neighborhood.
    I fell many times but I learned pretty quickly.
  • Brother's Born

    Brother's Born
    When I was 5 my baby brother Vince was born in Guelph, Ontario.
  • Moved To Richmond Hill

    Moved To Richmond Hill
    I moved from Guelph to Richmond Hill, Ontario when I was 6 and started Elementry School at Lake Wilcox PS from grade 1-8, I have been living in the same house since then.
  • Got Braces

    Got Braces
    Painfully I got braces at Davis Orthodontist.
  • Graduation

    I graduated from Lake Wilcox PS after 8 years. Our ceremony was at Richmond Green SS and are after party was at Oregeno North. Finally done elementry!
  • First Day Of High School

    First Day Of High School
    My first day at Richmond Green SS was great. In the beginning I was nervous because it's so much bigger than elementry but it wasn't that bad. I met a lot of new people, and cool teachers.
  • Braces Off

    Braces Off
    After two long years I finally got my braces off.
  • Justin Bieber Concert

    Justin Bieber Concert
    The day after my birthday I went to Justin Bieber's first concert in Toronto at the Kool Haus. Me and my friends waited six hours in line and touched his hand and got front row!
  • Started Dance

    Started Dance
    website of studio I started doing dance because my figure skating coach said it would help me but i ended up liking it more than skating so i quit skating and continued dancing. I attended Somerville Dance Academy till 2009 and did Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Stage, Lyrical, Pointe, Hip Hop and Competition.