ethiopia timeline

By tree
  • 300

    Coptic Christianity introduced from Egypt

  • 570

    The birthday of Mohammed - For the Ethiopians this was the beginning of the dark years of war against Islam.

  • Jan 27, 1434

    1.1434-1468 zera yacob, a great emperor, established the first diplomatic relationship with Europe.

  • Italian forces defeated by the Ethiopians at Adwa; treaty of Wuchale annulled; Italy recognises Ethiopia%u2019s independence but retains control over Eritrea.

  • Italians capture Addis Ababa, Haile Selassie flees, king of Italy made emperor of Ethiopia; Ethiopia combined with Eritrea and Italian Somaliland to become Italian East Africa.

  • An estimated 200,000 people die in Wallo province as a result of famine.

  • 3.1977-79 - Thousands of government opponents die in Red Terror orchestrated by Mengistu; collectivisation of agriculture begins; Tigrayan People's Liberation Front launches war for regional autonomy.

  • - Semitic people from the Arabian peninsula establish the kingdom of Aksum

  • the extension of islam forced the axumites to go to the south