A Rose For Emily. JasminMallett

  • Emily's father dies

    She keeps his body for 3 days after his death.
  • Emily meets Hommer Barron

    Men were outside paving sidewalks, Hommer Barron knocked on Miss Emily'd door to introduce himself, They started to date.
  • denial

    people come to emilys house to get her fathers body and she denies it and says heis not dead
  • Men put lime around her house

    the people in town cannot stand the smellof her house so they sneak over at nite to sprinkle lime to rid the smell
  • emily buys poison

    emily buys poison
    miss emily goes to the store to buy the best poison that they had she got arsenic
  • Hommer Barron

    the towns people started to gossip about hommer and miss Emily
  • hommer missing

    the towns people havent seen homemer besides a few days before when he went inside miss emily's house.
  • emily teachs painting lessons

    emily teachs painting lessons
    she teaches china paintng classes in her house to little girls.
  • emily's taxes are remitted

    emily's taxes are remitted
    emily's taxes are remitted o she no longer has to pay them colonel sartoris tells her tis news.
  • they try to collect taxes

    they try to collect taxes
    people come to miss emily's house to collect her taxes that she thought she would not have to pay because Colonel Sartoris remitted her taxes back in 1894
  • emily's death

    emily's death
    emiy dies and her three cousins come to hold her funeral.
  • Found Hommer's body

    Found Hommer's body
    The cousins were at Miss Emily's house, and they found a skeleton of Hommer Barron in the bed with a pillow and one of Emily's hairs on the pillow beside him.
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