Brandon's Timeline

  • Birthday

    This is significant because I was born and introduced to the world.
  • First Chinese New Year

    First Chinese New Year
    the Chinese New Year is an important day in the chinese culture that marks the lunar new year. This is significant to me because my family has strong roots and are very traditional & serious with these events.
  • Started Kindergarten

    Started Kindergarten
    This is signifiacnt because this is the starting point of my education.
  • Bought a Cat

    Bought a Cat
    this date is significant because it marks the day I got a cat. He is now a loved member of our family.
  • Introduced to Hockey

    Introduced to Hockey
    This is significant because Hockey is now a big part of my life and is my favourite sport to watch/play.
  • New School

    New School
    This is significant because this gave me a chance to make new friends and have a fresh start.
  • Graduated Elementary school

    Graduated Elementary school
    This is significant because I'm proud of this educational achievement.
  • Got Call Of Duty: Black Ops

    This is important to me because it's my favourite game