Bernard.Anne Frank

  • Margot Frank

    Anne's sister Margot Frank had a big effect on her life because she was the only relative that she had left with her. Margot Frank was born on febuary 16th 1926. Anne and her sister got transfered to a diffrent concentration camp, called Bergen-Belsen, together. Margot died at Bergen- Belsen at age 19, in 1945.
  • Anne Frank was born

    Anne Frank was born
    Anne Frank was born on June 12th, 1929, in Frankfurt Germany. Her parents were Edith and Otto Frank.
  • Adolf Hitler .

    Adolf Hitler .
    Adolf Hitler was a dictator that took over Germany in 1933. He also set up concentration camps and persecuted the Jews.
  • A dictator takes over.

    On March 1933 Adolf Hitler takes over Germany, as a dictator.
  • World War 2.

    The United States of America entered World War 2, In December 1941.
  • Germany Surrenders.

    Germany Surrenders.
    The Germans give up in the battle of Starlingrad, on Febuary 2nd 1943.
  • Anne got sick with scabies.

    Her and her sister were moved to the "scabies barracks". When somebody died they were thrown onto a pile of dead bodies.
  • No one had any freedom or privocey.

    No one had any freedom or privocey.
    Anne Frank had no freedom or privocey at all in the concentration camps. She had to stay in the a womens barracks with a lot of other people. The beds were filled with lice, fleas, and full of disease. No one even had privocey in the bathroom.
  • Anne Frank was moved to a diffrent concentration camp.

    Her and her sister were moved from the camp that their family was at (Auschwitz) and didn't get to see them again. Anne and Margot were sent to a diffrent consetration camp,Bergen- Belsen.
  • Lies Goosen.

    Lies Goosens was a close friend of Anne Frank. She tried to help Anne by sneaking food over the gate, unsucessfully. She was also someone that Anne could talk to.
  • Anne Frank died.

    Anne Frank died of typhus. In March 1945, at the concentration camp Bergen-Belsen. She lived to be 15 years old.
  • Achievement: The Diaries.

    Achievement: The Diaries.
    Anne Frank wrote her diaries about her life. In 1947- 1952 her diaries were published around the world. The book Anne Frank: A Diary of a Young Girl was translated into more than 50 languages. After Anne died her diaries were given to her father, Otto Frank, then they were published.