Sharp , Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan's birth

    Was born in Brooklyn, New York .
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    Michael Jordan

  • Michael Jordan's first challenge

    Michael Jordan's first challenge
    kids made fun of the way his large ears stuck out from his head , He grew up believing that he was ugly . He was shhy and awkward in social groups . He didnt have alot of friends and he didnt go on dates alot .
  • Michael Jordan's second challenge

    Michael Jordan was not the best at basketball , during his sophomore year he didnt make the starting team at Laney high school . He sat angry on the bench the entire season .
  • Michael Jordan's significant Person

    Michael Jordan's significant Person
    Older brother Larry - the two of them played everyday . Larry Taught him to play basketball , Michael believes Larry made him famous .
  • Michael Jordan's significant Person

    Coach Smith's great coaching skills helped Michael get top recruits like North Carolina year after year .
  • Michael Jordan's significant Person

    Jordan's hero when he was growing up was Julius Erying . Jordan looked up to him.
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    Martin Luther King day is celibrated as an offical national hoiliday
  • Date In History

    The space shutte claumbia lifts off on its first flight , returns safetly after two days .
  • Date In History

    George Bush was elected forty (first president)
  • Michael Jordans second achievement

    Michael Jordans second achievement
    in 1989 Jordan recieves the top vote getter award .
    He got more than one million votes .
  • Michael Jordan's first achievement

    Michael Jordan's first achievement
    In 1991 Jordan got the NBA championship trophy after the Bulls beat the Lakers four outta five games .,