A Rose For Emily

  • The Fathers Death

    Miss Emily's father passed away, while eating dinner. Miss Emily kept her father their for 3 days, after his death, and tryed telling others her father was not dead.
  • Period: to

    The years Miss Emily lived

  • Miss Emily Started dating

    Miss Emily was not aloud to date anyone while her father was alive. But shortly after her father died, she tryed dating. She started dating a man named Homer Barron.
  • Homer Barron disappeared

    In 1863 Homer Barron was missing, and the nabors tryed to figure out what happened to him. The last time they seen Homer was when he entered the kitchen door.
  • Miss Emily buys poison

    Miss emily goes to a poison to buy the most poisons thing that they had. But no one knew what she was gong to do with it.
  • Weird Smell developes

    In 1864 the naborhood was complaining of how bad it smelled around Miss Emilys house. So they went and spread some chemicals around the house to try to get the smell to go away.
  • China painting lessons

    Miss Emily started doing painting lessons to try to get some money.
  • Taxes where remitted

    New people came into the government and they where making people pay their taxes.
  • The men tryed to collect taxes

    Miss Emily was not paying her taxes because she was told by a man that her dad payed them for her. But a new person that came in wanted her to pay her taxes sence she owed so much.
  • Found a skeleton

    They found Homer Barrons body in a room that know one goes into. They also found the tolieting and other things in the same room.
  • Miss Emily dies

    Miss Emily died at a old age, but their was no cause she just got sick and died.