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The Goblins of Spider-Man

  • Fist appearance of the Green Goblin

    Fist appearance of the Green Goblin
    Amazing Spider-Man #14 All the Goblin trouble starts with Norman Osborn the Green Goblin. Riding on a broomstick in this comic, the Goblin begins going after Spidey just to get him out of the way and make a name for himself. Things become very personal soon enough. While not revealed right away, Norman will become the greatest threat to Spider-Man's life.
  • The Green Goblin Kidnapps Spider-Man

    Amazing Spider-Man #39 In order to get rid of him, The Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man's secret identity and kidnapps him. As things turn very personal the Goblin reveals that he is Norman Osborn. Father to Peter's friend Harry.
  • The Green Goblin Kills Gwen Stacy

    The Green Goblin Kills Gwen Stacy
    Amazing Spider-Man #121 Next to Uncle Ben's death. The worst thing that has ever happened to Peter Parker. Gwen Tossed off the Brooklyn Bridge. Spider-Man not being sure if he caused her death is haunted be this event for the rest of his life. This alone takes Norman to a new level in Spider-Man's life as a villian. Although he does appear to die at the end of this battle. Impailed by his own Goblin Glider.
  • Harry Osborn Becomes the Second Green Goblin

    Amazing Spider-Man #136 Not having the strength and intelligence of Norman Osborn, Harry will later develop a Goblin formula of his own. The Green Goblin is at this point a family matter for the Osborns and will most likely always be.
  • First Appearance of The Third Green Goblin

    Amazing Spider-Man #176 Dr. Bart Hamilton, Harry Osborne's psychiatrist, takes up the identity of the Green Goblin after learning about him through Harry. Hamilton dies four issues later.
  • First appearance of the Hobgoblin

    First appearance of the Hobgoblin
    Amazing Spider-Man#238 The Hobgoblin makes his first appearance. Unknown to us for some time, Roderick Kingsley was the original Hobgoblin. A bank robber named Georgie (who escaped into the sewers after his pals were captured by Spider-Man) stumbled upon one of the secret headquarters of the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn. Like the Green before him the name Hobgoblin would belong to more than just one man.
  • First Appearance of the second Hobgoblin

    Amazing Spider-Man#244" Lefty" Donovan is the second Hobgoblin. Like all Hobgoblins to come the original is always watching and directing events. Lefty dies next issue.
  • Flash Thompson named as Hobgoblin

    Amazing Spider-Man #276 Hobgoblin unmasked and show to be Flash Thompson. Actually framed as the Hobgoblin Flash's name is cleared by his hero Spidey.
  • Death of Ned Leeds the third Hobgoblin

    Death of Ned Leeds the third Hobgoblin
    Amaziing Spider-Man#289 Jason Macendale(Jack O Lantern) has the Hobgoblin(Ned Leeds) killed in Berlin so he can take over the name for profit. Ned is discovered to be the Hobgoblin at the time. For years it was thought the Ned was the Hobgoblin. Unknown to everyone Ned had been under the control of the first Hobgoblin.
  • First appearance of the Demogoblin

    First appearance of the Demogoblin
    Web of Spider-Man#86 Appearing as a unnamed demon in Spectacular Spider-Man #147, Th edemogoblin was a demon living in limbo until Jason Macendale(the fourth Hobgoblin) attemped to make a deal with for more power in exchange for his soul. When being fused with a demon nolonger seemed like a good idea. The demon was expeled and the Demogoblin was born.
  • Death of Harry Osborn

    Spectacular Spider-Man #200 After a battle with Spider-Man Harry saves him in a moment of clarity before expireding due to the Goblin serum that gave him his powers.
  • Green Goblin has a fake Aunt May die

    Amazing Spider-Man#400 In order to further his troubling of Peter the Green Goblin Norman Osborn has an actress altered to look like Aunt May while he held the real one captive. The actress died in this issue, to force trama onto Peter.
  • Phil Urich becomes the fourth Green Goblin

    Web of Spider-Man#125 Phil Urich Decides to use the Goblin equipment to become the next Goblin. But his aim was to use the powers as a hero. He gives up the Goblin after his equipment is damaged battling a Sentinel during the Onslaught crossover.
  • The Green Goblin Kills Ben Reilly(Spidey clone)

    Spider-Man#75 Peter and Ben are in the middle of a fight with the orginal Green Goblin Norman Osborne. Ben gets impaled by the Goblins Glider and disintegrates. Killing someone else that is close to Peter. At least this event proved once and for all that Ben was the clone, as all clones in the Marvel universe disintegrate at one point or anouther due to thier unstable clone cells.
  • The Green Goblin kidnappes Parker baby.

    Amazing Spider-Man#418 Mary Jane goes int labor and the Parker baby(named Mayday Parker) seems to be a still born. The baby however seems to have been kidnapped by Norman Osbore the Green Goblin.
  • Death of Jason Macendale forth Hobgoblin

    Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1 Rodrick Kingsly(first Hobgoblin) kills Jason Macendale(fourth Hobgobin) for not living up to the title. Two issues later Rodrick is finally named as the Hobgoblin.
  • Return of Norman Osborne

    Return of Norman Osborne
    Spectacular Spider-Man#250 Spectacular Spider-Man#250 Norman Osborn the original Green Goblin returns. Not dead but has been living in europe messing with Parker life from accross the Atlantic. Norman is behind most of the terrible things in Peter and Mary-Janes's life ove the last few years and has been running thigs from the shadows. This marks his official return.
  • Norman Osborn becomes more insane

    Amazing Spider-Man #441 In an attempt to gain more power, Norman participates in a ritual called "the gathering of the five" and recives not the power he sought. But insanity. Well more of it.
  • Peter Kidnapped by the Green Goblin

    Peter Parker: Spider-ManV2 #25 After an attempt to kidnap his grandson "Normie" Norman Osborn turns his attention to Peter. Believing that only he was worthy to carry on the Osborn legacy. Weeks of planting druged toothpaste and hypnotic CDs in Peter's apartment to brain wash Peter, Norman kidnaps Peter and attemps to sway him over to the Osborn side. Peter's denial of Osborn and the Goblin legacy only serve to deepen the Goblin's hate for Parker.
  • First Apperance of the Grey Goblin

    First Apperance of the Grey Goblin
    Amazing Spider-Man #509 Gabriel "Gabe" Stacy son of Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn was raised by Norman who took him and his twin sister Sarah Stacy to france. Raising them to believe Spider-Man killed thier mother and training them to fight him. After sending Peter a unmailed letter from Gwen confessing that she and Norman had been together before she met Peter, Norman sends the twins after Spider-Man.
  • Green Goblin named head of the Thunderbolts

    Green Goblin named head of the Thunderbolts
    Thunderbolts #110 With the events of Marvel's Civil War leaving many heros on the other side of the law, the group known as the Thunderbolt had been contracted to help hunt down the rouge heros. In this issue the Green Goblin(Norman Osborn) is named as their new leader putting him on the side of the law and Spidey on the other.
  • Harry Osborn Alive

    Amazing Spider-Man #545 Harry is brought back to life by Mephisto after he strikes a deal to bring back Aunt May. While they didn't ask for this in the bargin, Harry is back. Mephistos reasons for adding that in are unknown. This Harry has yet to do any Goblining of his own.
  • First Appearance of Menace

    First Appearance of Menace
    Amazing Spider-Man #549 Appearing to be a goblin Menace's identity is still unknown as is anything about him except he is bad and has stolen goblin equipment of Norman's. Harry Osborn is suspected.
  • Menace identity revealed

    Amazing Spider-Man #586 Menace is revealed to be Harry Osborn's girlfriend. Lilly Hollister.