Chapter Nine

By ehord
  • War of 1812 ends

    After this war ended, America began to really focus on expanded their country, and they began to cast their gaze upon the land that was to the west of them.
  • James Monroe was elected President

    He was chosen by Madison. He was the third successful Virginian to live in the White House. He served two terms of presidency.
  • Florida was invaded by Andrew Jackson

    This occured in the wars known as the Seminole Wars. Jackson attacked Negro Fort. This atttack made Florida our colony.
  • Dartmouth College case

    Dartmouth wanted to go from a private college to a state university. They said that if the state made a charter, it was fully protected.
  • McCulloh v. Maryland

    In this, it was stated that the tax on the Baltimore part of the bank was unconstitutional. The argument was whether or not the state had the right to make a tax on a bank that was created by Congress.
  • Adams-Onis Treaty

    Spanish territory was given to us in this treaty. We gained all of Florida in this treaty, which was one of our goals.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri wanted to become a state, but they wanted to be a slave state, which would make the number of slave states larger than free states. So Maine decides to become free state, and both were admitted into the Union.
  • Monroe was reelected President.

    People liked him so much that he won almost unanimously. He was also doing a good job.
  • Monroe Doctrine

    The policy, as stated by President Monroe in 1823, that the U.S. opposed further European colonization of and interference with independent nations in the Western Hemisphere
  • Gibbons v. Ogden

    The power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce was brought up.This made is so the federal government had more power over the states.
  • John Quincy Adams elected president

    He was successful.
  • Erie Canal completed

    This was the main canal that was used in this time period. It was pretty much in the middle of everything.
  • The canal era begins

    Many canals began to be built because that was what would become the main way that things were transported.