My Life

  • Kindergarten

    I started kindergarten at Lincoln Way Elementary when I was 5 and was there until 2000 . ( 2nd grade )
  • 3rd grade

    I went to Conerstone elementary in 2001. I was in 3rd grade and I had my Cousin Mrs. Massaro as my teacher.
  • 4th grade

    I went to Kean elementary and started school on my birthday that year. I had Mrs. DeHart
  • 4th Grade (again)

    I was in 4th grade 2 times since going to Cornerstone mixed me up beacsue they combined 3rd and 4th grade. The 2nd time, I went to Melrose Elementary. & I had Mrs.Shultz as my teacher.
  • 5th Grade

    I stayed at melrose and had Miss Thompson. I was also on Safety Patrol.
  • 6th Grade

    I was still at Melrose and had Mrs. Boyle as my teacher. She was awesome ! :)
  • 7th grade

    I attended Edgewood Middle School and my favorite teacher was Mrs. Rhodes. But the most fun class was Social Studies with Mr. veney
  • 8th Grade

    EWMS again. & My favorite teacher was Mrs. McElroy . I had her for Debate and Logic. Which was a very fun class .
  • 9th Grade

    Attended WHS as a freshmen & my favorite teacher was Mrs. Z .
  • 10th Grade

    I had the best teachers . My three favorite were: Mr. Ehrlinspiel & Smith, and Mme. Forrest :)
  • 11th Grade

    I decided to attend the Wyane County Schools career Center and I am in Early Childhood Education , and I LOVE it ! :D