Civil War : Causes & Events

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    Civil War : Causes & Effects

  • Northwest Ordinence

    Northwest Ordinence
    It created a way for new states to be added by setting regulations they needed to meet. It also prohibited slavery in the north west territorys. Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana are added as free states.
  • Eli Whitney & the Cotton Gin

    Eli Whitney & the Cotton Gin
    The cotton gin was a major invention that increased the amount of shirts that were made. The south argues that they need more slaves to pick the cotton to make the shirts. The north argues that they should get rid of slaves and make factorys. But north loses this fight and slave #'s soar.
  • Missouri Compromise

    Missouri Compromise
    With the addition of Missouri as a slave state they added Maine as a free state. They also the 36' 30" line during this to.This line was to seperate free and slave holding states. Anything north of it was free and anything south of it was to be slave states.
  • The Annexation of Texas

    The Annexation of Texas
    Texas gains independence from Mexico but is denied statehood 9 years in a row cause there would then be to many slave states. It finally becomes a state through a joint resolution. The north views that a very sneaky and barely legal. This will increase they tension between the north and south.
  • Fugitive Slave Act

    Fugitive Slave Act
    This decrlared that slaves could not become free by ecaping to a free state. It also stated that if a slave is to be captured then is must be returned to their owner. This brought along alot of free african americans being captured and south to the south.
  • "King Cotton" Argument

    "King Cotton" Argument
    At this time cotton in the most valuable crop in the US. The US needes cotton for the survival of its nations economy. The setting free of the slaves would extremly weaken the economy and it would be a concern of national security.
  • Ostend Manifesto

    Ostend Manifesto
    This was the attempt to take Cuba as the 34th state in the US. It was a document describing why we should have it as a state. It said that we should either buy it or we should take it over. The south said that it was a issue a national security and the north said that it was just to expand slavery.