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U.S History timeline

By deezee
  • Peace Treaty ends Revolutionary War

    Peace Treaty ends Revolutionary War
    The treaty of Paris, signed by John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and John Jay, ended the United States war for independence.
  • Bifocal eyeglasses

    Bifocal eyeglasses
    Benjamin Franklin invents bifocal eyeglasses
  • Constitutional Convention

    Constitutional Convention
    The Constitutional Convention was to address problems in governing the United States, which had been operating under the articles of confederation following independence from Great Britain
  • Constitution Ratified

    Constitution Ratified
    The United States adopted the constitution into our government.
  • George Washington

    George Washington
    George Washington became federalist from Virgina
  • Bill of Rights adopted

    Bill of Rights adopted
    The Bill of Rights is added to our constitution.
  • Government moved

    Government moved
    Seat of government moves from NYC to Philadelphia.
  • The Postal Service Act

    The Postal Service Act
    Established the United States Post Office Department, is signed by President George Washington.
  • Cotton Gin

    Cotton Gin
    Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin
  • The Dead Marat

    The Dead Marat
    J.L David paints The Dead Marat to represent the French Revolution
  • Pickney Treaty

    Pickney Treaty
    It established intentions of friendship between the United States and Spain and defined the boundaries of the United States with the Spanish colonies and guaranteed the United States navigation rights on the Mississippi River
  • Napolean becomes consul

    Napolean becomes consul
    Napolean Bonaparte becomes first consul in 1796-1799
  • John Adams

    John Adams
    John Adams becomes federalist from Massachusetts
  • Alien and Sedition Act

    Alien and Sedition Act
    Alien and Sedition Acts were four bills passed in 1798 by the federalists during an undeclared war with France
  • Jefferson's elections begin

    Jefferson's elections begin
    Thomas Jefferson marked the true beginning of the Virgina Dynasty
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Louisiana Purchase
    The U.S. doubled in size because of the land added because of the Louisiana Purchase
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    The Lewis and Clark Expedition was the first overland expedition undertaken by the U.S.
  • Webster's first dictionary

    Webster's first dictionary
    Noah Webster publishes Compendious Dictionary of the English Language
  • Discovery of two well-known elements

    Discovery of two well-known elements
    Sir Humphry Davy, a famous chemist, discovers the elements potassium and sodium
  • Prohibition of slave trade

    Prohibition of slave trade
    Congress exercised Constitutional power in the Act to Prohibit the Importation of Slaves
  • James Madison

    James Madison
    James Madison became federalist from Virginia
  • Battle of Tippecanoe

    Battle of Tippecanoe
    The Native Americans defeated in Battle of Tippecanoe in Indiana Territory
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    The War of 1812 was a military conflict fought between the United States and the British Empire. The Americans declared war in 1812 for an expansion into the Northwest Territory and more.
  • French Government

    French Government
    The French Monarchy was re-established to balance European power after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars
  • First Seminole War

    First Seminole War
    The Seminole Wars, also known as the Florida Wars, were three conflicts in Florida between various groups of native Americans, collectively known as Seminoles, their allies, and the United States Army
  • Monroe Doctrine

    Monroe Doctrine
    The Monroe Doctrine asserted that the Western Hemisphere was not to be further colonized by European countries and that the United States would neither interfere with existing European colonies nor meddle in the internal concerns of European countries