Dynastic Time Span of the Sui, Tang, and Song Empires

  • Jan 1, 604

    Death of Emperor Wen, Sui Yangdi takes over

    Sui Yangdi Comitted large building projects, including the Grand Canal and the Great Wall. Military expeditions cause tensions and is murdered during a coup in 618.
  • Jan 1, 626

    Li Yuan (first emperor) is forced to step down; Li Shimin takes power

    Li Yuan (first emperor) is forced to step down; Li Shimin takes power
    Source of image Tang Taizong (Li Shimin) One of the greatest emprors of China, started a prosperous era for China. Was a strong rationalist and accepted criticism. Cherished labor from the people.
  • Jan 1, 657

    Tang Gao Zong defeats the Turkish

  • Jan 1, 755

    An LuShan rebels and captures Chang'an

  • Jan 1, 763

    Tibetans invade and raid Chang'an

  • Jan 1, 1010

    Huge atlas of China finished, took 39 years to make

  • Jan 1, 1024

    First issuance of government-sponsored money

  • Jan 1, 1041

    Bi Sheng invents the movable type

  • Jan 1, 1069

    Wang Anshi introduces reforms of New Policies, breeds factionalism

  • Jan 1, 1085

    mperor Zhezong became emperor of Song Dynasty. Empress Dowager Gao kicks out Wang Anshi

  • Jan 1, 1100

    Coke is discovered; used for furnaces for iron

  • Jan 1, 1127

    Jin Dynasty takes over the Northern Song, capital moved south and Southern Song Dynasty starts

  • Jan 1, 1132

    Chinese permanent navy created

  • Nov 19, 1268

    Battle of Xiangyang starts against Kublai Khan, lasts 6 years

  • Jan 1, 1273

    Battle of Xiangyang ends with the surrender of Song troops

  • Jan 1, 1279

    Yuan Dynasty defeats the Song Dynasty and ends it

  • Sui Yangdi Dies

  • Tang Sanzhang sent to India to fetch Bhuddist scriptures

  • Zhong Zong is exiled by Empress Wu

  • Tax system established; taxing in summer and autumn

  • Anti-Buddhist persecution starts

  • Huang Chao Rebellion

  • Zhu Wen is overthrown; Tang Dynasty ends

  • Emperor Taizu helps reunite China

    Emperor Taizu helps reunite China
    Image source Song Taizu Founded the Song dynasty, reunited China. Tried to prevent the quick disintegration of the dynasty by pulling several political tricks. Adjusted economic policies.
  • Song troops deafeat the southern Han's war elephants

  • Wood carvers finish a wood carving for printing the Buddhist canon

  • Song Taizu dies; Emperor Taizong takes over

  • Emperor Wen unifies China

    Emperor Wen unifies China
    Source of image
    Emperor Wen Hard working administrator, Buddhist. Brought a prosperity to China that had not been seen since the Han. Had only a few comcubines.
  • Equal field system established

  • Period: to

    Sui Dynasty

    Sui Dynasty The Sui dynasty reunited China under a centralized ruler. Construction of the Grand Canal happened under this dynasty. Fell due to revolts, assassination, and disloyalty, which came across due to disastrous military campaigns.
  • Period: to

    Tang Dynasty

    Tang Dynasty Founded by the Li family, it took power after the Sui fell. It was interrupted by the Second Zhou Dynasty briefly. It is regarded as a high point in Chinese history. Woodblock printing was invented during this era and Buddhism influenced Chinese thought.
  • Period: to Jan 1, 1279

    Song Dynasty

    Song Dynasty The Song Dynasty was started by Emperor Taizu of Song, after the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. The Tang were the first to use paper money, a permanent navy, and first use of gunpowder. It was divided into two periods, Northern Song and Southern Song; the first period ends when the Jin take over northern China. The capital is moved further south and the second period begins, to be ended by the Yuan.