History of GB/Canada/Australia/USA

By barix4
  • Australia: William Dampiert

    Australia: William Dampiert
    William Dampier, an English explorer landed on the northwest coast of Australia in 1688 .
  • Canada under British control

    Canada under British control
    Canada under British control 1764–1867.
  • Australia: Captain James Cook

    Australia: Captain James Cook
    Captain James Cook sailed around Australia. He named the area New South Wales.
  • Australia: Capitan James Cook - “Terra Nulius”.

    Australia: Capitan James Cook - “Terra Nulius”.
    On 20th April 1770 Capitan James Cook landed in the Australia and called the new land “Terra Nulius”.
  • Australia: First Prisoners

    Australia: First Prisoners
    in 1787 first prisoner s came to Australia.
  • Australia: Paul Edmund Strzelecki.

    Australia: Paul Edmund Strzelecki.
    12 March 1840
    The first ascent of Mount Kosciuszko. First ascent to the top has made Paul Edmund Strzelecki.
  • Australia: Eastern areas

    Australia: Eastern areas
    In 1851, the eastern areas of gold deposits were discovered.
  • Canada: World War II

    Canada: World War II
    September: World War II startsSeptember: World War II starts
  • Canada: Join to G8

    Canada: Join to G8
    1976 - Canada join to G8