My life so far!

By arcias
  • I was born on this day

    I was born in San Francisco, California
  • Period: to

    My Life

  • My family moves to Nicaragua, Central America

  • Earthquake in Managua, Nicaragua sends me back to California

  • Went back home to Managua, Nicaragua

  • Graduate from High School

  • "I'm officially an adult" I turn 18 years old!

  • Left home to Washington, DC to find my life!

  • Met the Man that would be my husband

  • Started Classes at University of Maryland

  • I became Mrs. Arcia

  • Graduated from College

  • Started my first professional job at American Security Bank

  • Left to Europe on 6-months backpacking trip

  • Got my MBA from George Washington University

  • Bought our first home!

  • Moved to Florida to work for Florida Power & Light

  • Moved to our second house in Jupiter, Florida

  • Had a first baby "Jessica"

  • Had our second baby "David

  • Had our last baby "Elizabeth

  • Became a math teacher at Jupiter Middle School

  • Jessie Graduates from High School

  • David is a Senior and Ellie is a Junior