lauragutierrez' life

  • when I was three

     when I was three
    I used to play whit my dog. I couln't make my eat. I took a shower in a bath.
  • when I was four

    when I was four
    I used to mounted tricycle. I couldn't read . I eat very sweet.
  • when I was five

    when I was five
    I used to go to the nursery. I could't clean the house. I played whit my doll
  • when I was six

    when I was six
    I used to go to the preschool. I couldn't sweep the floor. I palyed whit my friend's
  • when I was seven

    when I was seven
    I used to mounted bicycle. I couldn't ron. I played little kitchen
  • when I was nine

    when I was nine
    I used to go to the school. I couldn't practice the piano. I made very little eat
  • when I was ten

    when I was ten
    I used to go to swimming. I couldn't play basketball. I played to the hiding
  • when I was twelve

    when I was twelve
    I used to clean the house. I couldn't cook. I watched tv
  • when I was thirteen

    when I was thirteen
    I used to go to class of tennis. I couldn't cook.I left whit my friends
  • I am fourteen

    I am fourteen
    I live in Barrio Nuevo. I study in Maestro Fernando Botero school. I use to go to class of the tennis. I don't do nothing in socials.